Robert Marzullo’s NEW Digital Illustration Course on Character Design

📢 Just wanted to give a big shout out to the one, the only – Robert Marzullo, and tell you how much I’m enjoying his new course.


It’s a monster 9+ hours of real-time, narrated demonstration – so I have a feeling I’ve only just seen the tip of the ice-berg…

But so far it’s easy to tell that this is one of Robert’s most insightful and comprehensive volumes of training yet in Digital Illustration for Character Design.

In this Course you’ll learn how to create a beautifully illustrated, Female Fantasy Character from a rough sketch, all the way through to a finished digital painting.

What I like most about this course is that Robert covers a range of line art AND painting techniques. And he does so using Clip Studio Paint (Manga Studio) throughout the entire process.

He begins by showing us the base drawing process and explains how to make changes to the concept without being worried about making everything super perfect in the beginning.

I’ve used Manga Studio for years now to create my Comic Book Art, and still didn’t realise how many ways there were to quickly edit your work and keep pressing forward.

Robert then takes us through laying down the base colors of the painting and how we’re able to use them to create and save our selections. Later on we find out how those selections aid us in the painting process so that we can produce our character illustrations using a non-destructive approach.

Finally, once the foundation of the illustration is solid – Robert shows us how to apply a range of digital painting effects using a variety of brushes – Which he provides for us with the course!

Again… that’s just the tip of the iceberg – there’s so much more you’ll get out of this course beyond just an overview of Robert’s workflow. Here are a couple other highlights that you’ll also learn about throughout this course -

🔹 Layers and Groups

🔹 Combine Modes ( Blending Modes )

🔹 Custom Brushes

🔹 Hard and Soft Edge Shadows

🔹 Layer Masks

🔹 Quick Masks Blending Brushes

🔹 Tonal Correction

🔹 Mirrored Windows

🔹 as well as General Drawing and Painting Techniques.

As I said at the start of this post – Robert’s new course racks up about 9 Hours and 17 Minutes in total run time over 35 Individual Lessons.