Character Creator Course UPDATE

You might have noticed I’ve been rather quiet around here lately… and you know what that usually means – I’ve been hard at work in the studio cooking up something real special for you!

Remember E? I sent out a post about her about a month or so ago, revealing that she’d be the star attraction for my upcoming course on Creating female Comic Book Characters.

Since then I’ve polished up her line work with some slick inks, given her a splash of color and topped off the presentation with a slick backdrop – recording the entire process every step of the way.

Now 100% of my focus and attention is on the narration – where I’ll be talking you through each and every step of the production process. That includes laying down the initial foundations, sketching in her anatomy, drafting up the design, shading, rendering and detailing the final line work - and then of course I’ll take you through my entire comic book coloring workflow.

As I was creating this course I was worried that it might be getting too long – as I’d really only sped it up a little bit so that you were able to see the entire process unfold as close to real-time as possible…

And just now I’ve checked exactly how long it is… and I’m kinda shocked.

Somehow this monster course has racked up 17 hours’ worth of content over 26 videos!!!

Every second of which is narrated… and that’s not including the additional workshops I wanted to include along with the course as a bonus.

The Character Creator Course was created to be as comprehensible as possible, I just had no idea it would be THIS comprehensible. And I’ve completed about 10 and a half hours of the course already so there’s no turning back now.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this – part of me feels like this is WAY too long for anybody to sit through, but the other part says that for anyone who’s seriously dedicated to leveling up their Comic Art skill set, this course could be an absolute gold mine.

I have a habit of going overboard on the amount of content I pack into my tutorials, which often gets a mixed response – so I’d seriously value your feedback on this!

Well I better get back to work – now I don’t want to jinx E here – But I am aiming for an end of June release… so I’ll be sending out some more updates on E next month, along with a couple of previews so that you can see what the Character Creator Course has to offer.