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How To Draw Demons | Demoness

Would you believe I’ve just unleashed a hot new Comic Art tutorial for you? Well, what are you waiting for…

Go check it out ;) :

In this week’s lesson we’ll be drawing a seductively delectable DEMONESS!

Starting out with a rough sketch, you’ll watch as I sculpt in her anatomy, draft up the design, and refine each individual feature of the character into a polished piece of Comic Art.

Of course the highlights here, really are you being able to get a peek into my approach to drawing female characters – as I explain the distinctions you’ll need to consider when it comes to preserving that sexy, feminine appeal… even when we’re talking about the horned, bat-winged temptresses of the underworld.

And yes… you’re also going to see me mess up along the way – but that’s okay, because a lesson taught is a lesson learned, and you’re going to see exactly how I erase, redraw and fix up all the mistakes I make along the way…


Ya know… believe it or not… My first couple of Comic Art tutorials used to take months to put together. In fact at one point, you’d have to wait 6 months between each video before you got to watch it…

Astonishing I know.

All thanks to chronic perfectionism, procrastination, and a terrible habit of taking the longest way round when it came production time.

Back then, my drawing method was slow, everything was scripted – and although my old tutorials are still the crème’ Brule’ of some my some of my best comic art content… I was making my hungry subscribers wait eons to get another bite in between each one.

So I have no idea how this has happened… back to back tutorials every week? This has got to be some kinda record. It would seem I’m on a total roll now!

Here’s why…

The pressure and preciousness surrounding the creation of these tutorials accidentally fell off of my shoulders!

Yep. I said ‘accidentally’.

Because it wasn’t until I began stepping outside my comfort zone, taking the script-writing-training- wheels off, and teaching with a more natural, free flow form of dialogue… that I realized I could get a new Comic Art lesson to you on a much more regular basis.

On top of that, my intros and outros used to take ages to set up for the shoot, which always held things up… that was until I optimized that process too with a permanent lighting set up, HD webcam and tripod – that I could leave up in the studio and not have to take down every time I’d called it a wrap.

And I was totally freaking out that these tutorials were going to be horrible, that they weren’t going to make an ounce of sense, that they’d be way too long and that they wouldn’t be anywhere near the quality of my previous videos.

But I was completely wrong.

The Comic Art tutorials I’ve put out this year have been received so well. And after listening back through them I realised why… instead of reading from a script – I’m right there with you as you watch, explaining the process to you as if you were right there in the classroom with me, and connecting with you on a much more genuine level.

And when I’m making these lessons for you now – that’s how it feels.

I realized that there was a powerful correlation here between the production of my art and tutorials, and how both have evolved and become more optimized over time – ultimately resulting in a better presentation for you as the audience.

It’s taken me some time to realize that trying to make something too perfect, often stifles how incredible it truly could have been if it was allowed to be created instead of manufactured.

My only hope now is I don’t spoil you with too much content! – But please let me know what you think of these tutorials. Obviously I value your feedback immensely and it really does help me to deliver the best content I possibly can to you.

I hope you enjoy this week’s Comic Art tutorial, and that you get a ton of value out of it.


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