How To Draw Demons | Minion Spawn

This week I’ve been embarking on some rather lengthy narration sessions for my up-coming course on Comic Book Character Creation.

And let me tell you – it’s proved quite the challenge. I'm totally embracing it too, it's a breath of fresh air to find something new to conquer.

Talking into the mic takes a certain amount of vocal calibration.

You wouldn’t believe how many takes… it takes sometimes to hit the right pitch, pace and tone… and to keep all of that consistent from video to video.

It’s as if I need to re-tune myself every time I sit down to narrate a new video.

Yeah I know… I need to loosen up, relax and just go with the flow right?

Well that’s exactly what I decided to do!

Obviously I’d been overthinking things way too much… so I figured hey, why not get the ball rolling by narrating a new tutorial for the HTDC Youtube channel instead?

There’s not as much riding on getting that perfect… and it’ll help me to chill out and get into the zone.

I wasn’t even sure if I was going to upload this tutorial… I just needed a trial run before narrating the real deal.

And what do you know!

I busted out a whole new half hour tutorial in one take. AND it was the best take I’d done all day. Everything rolled off the tongue as if you and I were sitting in the same room having a conversation.

Don’t you just hate that? When the more you try, the more you fail? Sometimes it pays more to relax and have fun rather than to stress out about getting everything 100% perfect.

It really did work too! Because once I’d wrapped up on Part 1 of the How to Draw Demon’s series, I immediately felt at ease, and confident that I’d be able to pull off the next chapter in the Comic Book Character Creator Course – no sweat!

Anyway – here’s my latest tutorial, brought to you from How to Draw Comics . NET!:

…And in record time. Maybe, just maybe I might be able to pull off weekly Comic Art tutorials on a regular basis after all!