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Comic Book Character Creator Course - E | Preview 2

I couldn’t help it… I had to give you another peak at this lovely lass (don’t tell her I said that – she HATES being called lovely… or lass).

Here you’re looking at E’s alternate costume variation as well as couple zoomed in head shots from various angles…

This part of the process was where I really got to define the shape and subtle nuances of E’s facial features, as well as figure out how her groovy hairdo would look from different points of view.

I’ve always found the character concepting process particularly special, because it’s the point at which you as the creator really begin to get to know your character. You’ve got to get up close and personal, and figure out how they’re going to appear from every facet.

This is especially true and mandatory when it comes to creating characters for comics.

Despite the amount of time I’ve spent drawing over the years, I still feel as though I’m learning and developing more with every new piece of art work. And I’ve got to say I’m really proud of E and the way she’s turned out. I’ve captured the exact look I wanted for her.

With every new piece of work, I feel as though I get to know my artistic self a little better, my confidence shining through in my style and the line work itself!

For those who just came in… E is the bad-ass deva design I’ll be featuring in Part 1 of the new ‘Comic Book Character Creator Course’ coming soon from HTDC. It’ll feature 3 character designs all up, and come included in the full Comic Book Creator Course.

So far I’ve racked up upwards of 6 hours of content for the Comic Book Character Creator Course, where I’ve recorded every step I’ve taken to draft, design and refine E for you here.

Not only does this new training cover Pencilling, Inking and Coloring – I’ll also show you an in-depth look at my approach to design and creative thought process.

Tonight… I’m putting down the stylus and venturing into the beginning of some very long and intensive narration sessions. I’ve already done about 6 videos mind you… all of which I’m happy to say have come out top notch. In fact they barely required any editing at all once I’d switched into voice over mode.

So. If you’re looking at E here, and you’re scratching your head as to exactly what it took to create her – leave your questions in the comments below! That way I can address them directly in the course for you and make sure all bases are covered.

Finally, before I go – jump on the e-mail list at if you’re not already. I’ll be sending out exclusive previews of the course to my subscribers so they can send me their feedback. So if you’d like an early-bird look at what’s in store make sure you’ve told me where to get in touch with you!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you like her! I can’t wait to show you how she looks once she’s all colored up.


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