My New Studio Lights Arrived!

I’ve never been so happy to be rudely awoken at 7:45 am by the postman radda-tap-tapping at my door…

Because he had a special delivery I’d been waiting on all week - My shiny new studio lights.

They’re PERFECT! Still need to tweak the positioning of them a little but all in all I’m impressed with the result – thanks for the recommendation Sam Pea.

I’ve decided, after much deliberation to add a bit more face time into my tutorials so that I can better connect with you and break up the videos a bit.

After recording the Proportions Workshop series I’m also feeling much more confident speaking free flow, without a script … I have no idea when that happened… but I guess as with anything, the more you do it, the better you get.

I’m honestly surprised it’s taken me this long though, considering I’ve been teaching live in class for about 6 years now… another case of me being a neurotic perfectionist no doubt. ;) -Clayton

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