How to Draw High Heels - PREVIEW 3

Here’s a quick break down of the last, High Heeled deva I’ve whipped up for my upcoming tutorial on drawing High Heels.

I must have had Ghost in the Shell on my mind while designing her costume I think. But I do love the way she’s turned. In fact I think she’s probably my favorite out of the 3.

As you can see, I started out very simple – focusing on getting down the general placement, pose and proportions of the figure. I try to capture as much rhythm in the gesture as possible so that her pose doesn’t look too stiff or contrived.

Next I articulated her anatomy and sculpted out some of the key costume elements such as her jacket, gun belt, and gloves. At this point, I play around a bit with different shapes that could make for an interesting design – unique but also appealing.

Then finally I inked right over the top of the design draft, refining her line work with subtle line weights and rendering.

I find that when it comes to drawing female Comic Book characters, less is more as far as detail is concerned. If I accidentally go overboard on the rendering, what can tend to happen is that the character starts to look dirty, gritty and kinda old – which is totally fine if that’s the look you’re going for. But in this case I wanted a clean, sci-fi finish.

Now – speaking of the design aspects of the character, something that comes up a lot is the practicality of crime fighting super-heroines who kick ass in heels…

Let’s not forget – that heels are highly dangerous on their own. I for one certainly wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of a high heel kick to the head.

Of course – in reality these things are damn hard to walk in. So in terms of agility and fast movements, it’s not quite physically feasible.

But when it comes to Comics, my personal opinion is that as far as physical feasibility and practicality go, you can bend the rules a bit to boost the visual appeal of your characters…

Wonder Woman kicks ass in high heels perfectly fine… and Superman sure knows how to handle the badies despite that bright red cape getting in the way.

Comics are a stylized visual narrative, designed to excite and amaze us from panel to panel. So when it comes to designing your characters – don’t be afraid to make them look sexy and spectacular – even if that does mean sacrificing realism.

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Hope you enjoy the pic!