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Proportions Lesson UPDATE - Proportional Comparisons Preview!

I’ll be bringing you The Proportions Lesson in just under 1 week – And I can’t express to you how excited and freaked out I am at the same time!

I’ve spent 4 solid months bonding with the drawing board over this Lesson - more intimately than ever before in fact!

Sounds weird when I put it like that... But hey – this IS intimate!

I’ve put my heart and soul into making this Lesson the most comprehensive and refined piece of Comic Art training I could possibly produce. At least as far as drawing your Comic Book Characters in Proportion goes!

And there’s just one more illustration to go before I compile the entire lesson and package everything up. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly!

Anyway – I wanted to share another quick preview with you.

This illustration, of an apish barbarian that shares an uncanny resemblance to Conan (can’t help what inspires me – I take whatever the muse feeds me at the time), shows an example of one of the 6 Proportional Comparisons I’ll be sharing with you in the full lesson.

Any guesses as to which Proportional Comparison we’re looking at here? – You might have even heard of this one before…

Here it is - Turns out that the Height of your body is equal to the breadth of your outstretched arms.

How wack is that? If you measured your arm span fingertip to fingertip, it’d tell you how tall you are! And there are all sorts of other weird associations you can make throughout the human body that you just wouldn’t think of – but are incredibly helpful for keeping your characters drawn to the correct size.

You might be wondering why I’ve gone to so much effort to create these detailed illustrations for every example throughout the lesson – and it’s because I love drawing! (obviously) – But more importantly, it’s to make this lesson as informative and simultaneously entertaining as possible.

I also want to show you that everything you’re going to learn in this lesson, I use myself every time I put pencil to paper.

Actually I was pleasantly surprised to discover that during the making of the Proportions Lesson, I’d somehow passively leveled up in my own skills – I don’t know why… all I can think of is that maybe I’d articulated and ironed out my process so finely that I consciously started taking notice and applying it all. Which is an added bonus I honestly didn’t expect would come out of creating this for you!

Alright – I’m going to quit rambling and get back to work. Like I said, I’m just so darn excited that I’m this close to finally getting it to you! I hope you’ll agree that all the hype over the last few months has been well justified when you see it.

There’s only 5 days, 20 hours to go – so if you’d like to get in before everyone else and score some limited bonus content and pre-launch discounts head on over to – and jump onto the special interest list!

Enjoy – and have an awesome week! :D


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