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How to Draw Comics . NET in 2017

You can probably relate with me here when I say – the holiday season can throw a great big spanner into the works.

Cross country, family shindigs, forced (but needed) chillax time away from all things productive, and of course – moving to new abodes.

It seems like everyone is migrating at the moment, skipping from one end of town to the next – folks coming and going here there and everywhere. I’m right alongside them too, heaving boxes full of books, DVD’s (and redundant VHS tapes) and my carefully bubble wrapped action figure collection down the hall way.

Needless to say – I’m hangin for everything to settle back down again.

Even more then that I can’t wait to get back to the drawing board. I feel like I’ve been in artists rehab the last month! Give me back my tablet – I NEED IT NOW!

I worry about the rust that inevitably builds while one is away from their craft for too long.

But I realized not too long ago that time away from work to reset is never a bad thing. Gives us all a fresh perspective on things and gets us re-energized for the year ahead!

And what a page turner the chapter of 2017 is shaping up to be! There’s a few things up in the air for sure at the moment – but what I’m most excited about this year is where I’m taking How to Draw Comics . NET.

There’s the new Proportions Lesson coming from How to Draw Comics . NET end of this month– the first expansive Comic Art Lesson that’ll teach you how to draw your Comic Book Characters to the correct size.

Plus I’m planning on releasing a whole bunch of mini tutorials to give you the low down on Comic Art Tools and Techniques such as using Line Weights, Rendering, Brush and Inking Techniques – along with a massive list of other topics that I’ll be sourcing from YOU to make sure you’re getting the knowledge you need to break past your greatest challenges and obstacles.

That includes new videos, articles and reference sheets available for download direct from the How to Draw Comics . NET site.

If you’ve been checking in with the How to Draw Comics . NET site, you’ve probably noticed that it’s been rather dormant for the last year or so – because of the amount of work, time and energy being put into expansive Fundamentals Course I revealed was being developed earlier this year.

In 2017, I really want to focus on building up the site by giving you more tutorials on a regular, monthly basis. And that’s on top of the Lessons from the Fundamentals Course. Which I can’t wait to give you either!

What are your plans for this year? I hope you’ve kicked it off to a flying start! I can’t wait to see the incredible artwork and skill you’re going to bring to the table. Let’s grow, learn, and develop more than ever this year and make it count!

Keep on creating, and stay tuned for more updates. I’ve got some new previews coming for the Proportions Lesson real soon.


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