How to Draw and Shade Muscular Arms

You probably already know by now that the first thing we have to master when it comes to drawing Comic Books is the fundamentals of Dynamic Figure Drawing.

That includes learning about the underlying principles of drawing such as Perspective, Form, Proportion, Composition and the Scale and Placement of your Figures...

These fundamentals provide the scaffolding that holds up a well-drawn Comic Book Illustration.

But once you’ve got the Fundamentals down pat, where do you go from there?...

To really create an eye-catching piece of Comic Art, you’ll need to know how to take advantage the Lighting, Rendering, and Detailing Techniques you can use to ramp up the amount of impact it'll leave on your audience!

The only problem is…

Many of us have a tremendous amount of DIFFICULTY when it comes to Shading and Rendering our Comic Art!

When I started learning this stuff, I wanted to follow the example of the artist’s whose work inspired me the most... I tried over and over again to copy their intricate shadowing and rendering styles, attempting to shade and detail my work just like theirs.

But for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what was going through their mind as they worked to create the beautiful balance of lighting, rendering and detail inside their art.

You’ve got no idea how much I wished back then that I could’ve just downloaded all the drawing wisdom and experience they had inside their brain, into my own.

Of course I worked at it on my own, experimented, practiced, and eventually years later managed to make some sense of it all – but it took a LONG time.

I bring this up because not too long ago one of my very talented Comic Art pals reached out to me and kindly asked if I could check out his new Lesson on Drawing and Shading the Anatomy of Muscular Arms!

And since it’s the season to be jolly – I wanted to share it with you here today! Because if you can relate with anything I've said so far...

It's going you help you out Immensely!

Now I’m a bit biased here, because I love all of Robert Marzullo’s Comic Art Training. He’s been teaching aspiring Comic Artists for years now, to advance their skills and level up their drawing abilities. And “How to Draw and Shade Muscular Arm Poses” was one heck of a refresher, even for me!

In this lesson, rather than focusing just on the 'basics', you’ll learn how to construct three dynamically lit, rendered and detailed Arms step by step.

This Includes: