Proportions Lesson Update - Proportions at Different Ages

What’s the first thing we learn when it comes to drawing our characters in Proportion? How to size up the idealized figure of course! But what’s often glossed over is the very obvious fact that – Not all characters are going to share those idealized Proportions!

This is especially true when it comes to creating characters for comics. Sure, the Heroic figure is likely going to be the most common character type – but what makes for a great Comic Book is a dynamic cast of characters.

In the new Proportions Lesson coming soon from HTDC I cover an entire set of these unique character types, as well as the Proportions of characters at different ages. What’s interesting about age is that it literally transforms the human body, from infancy, through to adulthood. Our skeleton and musculature anatomy develops, growing and maturing in a whole range of ways unique to each age bracket… So naturally this effects the Proportions of a character in a massive way.

I created this illustration for the ‘Proportions at Different Ages’ chapter of the Lesson. By looking at these three characters alone you can see how much variation can be introduced by simply changing their age.

Setting aside the physical differences in size, you’re even able to get a sense of the different personalities and attitude the characters convey…

The younger side kick to the right of our hero exudes cheekiness and an almost playful energy – while the older gentleman to the left gives off a humble aura of respect, honour, and wisdom.

These characters were super fun to draw up. And challenging in a way. I get so used to drawing super-hero’s all the time that I almost forget how to draw anything else! I’ve recorded the creation process for this illustration to include in the extended, Premium version of the lesson. But that’s only if the Free lesson isn’t enough to blow you away!

By the way, you can sign up to to be the first to know when the Proportions Lesson is released. It’s 100% FREE to sign up and you’ll get an exclusive PDF tutorial showing you the entire creation process for a full color, Comic Book Illustration.

Let me know what you think of these guys – I’d love to put them in an actual Comic Book someday, and I’m terrible with names, so if you’ve got any suggestions – throw them my way. :)