Proportions Lesson Update - Character Types!

Drawing often has me keeping some fairly wacky hours. Like last night for example! I was up until 5am rendering out this wild clan of Comic Book Characters.

What can I say, when you’re deeply entrenched in the creation process, time has a knack for slipping away unnoticed.

The fact I’d been chugging down instant coffee all night probably deserves some credit too. I decided to change that up today… swapping out those warm mugs of sugar filled caffeine for a much more sensible green tea binge.

From beginning to end, these guys were an absolute joy to work on. It's been a while since I’ve gotten to draw any monstrous looking characters, so I took the opportunity to go with a slightly darker theme here. They probably look less like a team of super heroes, and more like a posse of villains at this point.

I’ve created this illustration for the new Proportions Lesson coming from HTDC later this month! This particular part of the lesson is an introduction to proportions for different Comic Book Character types… as you can see I’ve got a Brute, a Wolverine, a regular Hero… and a very tall lady towering over them in the back.

As you can already guess – I’ve done my best to make sure this is one of the most comprehensive and definitive Lessons you're going to be able to find for drawing your Comic Book Characters in Proportion.

The creation of this piece was recorded from start to finish, and I’ll be including it, along with all of the other illustrations I’ve done for this Lesson – in the premium version. I’ve racked up a fair few of them now too, after 2 and a half months in the making…

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Let me know what you think of these guys! I hope ya like em’. If you have any questions about the Proportions Lesson, or this piece in particular, just post them below and I’ll answer them for you.

Enjoy, -Clayton