Proportional Ideals

Here’s another preview for HTDC’s upcoming lesson on proportions.

This illustration shows us that the way our characters are proportioned really comes down to personal preference.

You’ll always have the standard proportions of the heroic figure as a starting point and reference, but after you’ve got a handle on the basics, there’s nothing stopping you from stretching and pulling your characters into all sorts of variations.

You don’t have to try and fit all of your characters into a single mould. And they shouldn’t! Because the truth is, we all come in different shapes and sizes. So as an artist, you’ve got the ultimate say as to what your ideal interpretation of the heroic figure is.

In this illustration you can see a regular sized hero that follows a similar size ratio to the characters you might see in most Comic Books today. On either side of him, stand two taller characters who give off their own sense of idealised appeal.

Which character has the correct proportions here?

Well they all do. It simply comes down to your personal taste as an artist, and the kind of characters that best suit your style. Learn the fundamentals of proportion first, and if you’ve got a specific character type in mind that ventures outside the boundaries of the conventional hero, explore that too.

But remember that once you get comfortable with this stuff, the sky is the limit. And you’ll have the ability to pick the proportions you prefer, without having your characters look wrong or weird.

I hope you enjoy the illustration; these guys were a real treat to draw up.