Powerful Proportions

Did you know the Heroic Figure stands slightly taller than the average person? And this doesn’t just apply to Comics… most artists like to settle on an idealized height for their figure drawings that exceeds the average height of real people.

Over time, we’ve created many associations to size, and how big or small people are – one of the most prominent being that larger characters appear to exude power and superiority.

This is important to keep in mind when it comes to drawing Comic Book Characters. Because naturally, we want to draw our heroes with POWERFUL PROPORTIONS!

And I’ve used these characters to illustrate that in HTDC’s upcoming Lesson on Proportions.

When you stand them next to each other it becomes obvious… The middle character is the same height as an average person – Yeah, really! - While the characters next to him are sized up to more ideal, heroic proportions. As you can see, it makes a massive difference!

I hope you like these guys, they were super fun to draw up – as have been all the examples I’ve packed into this lesson.

After two long months in the making, I’m hoping to wrap up production on this lesson by next week – for a mid-December release. As you can tell – I can’t wait to show you what’s in store.

Have a fantastic day – and keep on creating.