New Proportions Lesson Preview - BRUTE

Thanks for all the great feedback you gave me last week for #HTDC’s new Proportions Lesson. There were some real gems amid the suggestions you made and the things that you wanted to see in it!

… And you can bet you’ll find them all tucked away into the Video and E-Book when it comes out in December.

I hope you’re as excited as I am!... In fact, check out this dude from the six, Comic Book Character types I’ve covered in the Proportions tutorial so far…

This beast was so fun to draw up.

And although he’s just one among the many examples I’ve included in the video – it’d be real cool to give him a back story and his own Comic Book someday…

But then I feel that way about all my characters. Expandable examples or not, I’ve got love for every one of them!

I’ve recorded drawing demos for a whole bunch of these illustrations by the way... Which you’ll be able to get as part of the premium version of the lesson, if you still want more content to sink your teeth into.

More previews to come, so stay tuned. And of course, if you have any more suggestions or questions about the Proportions lesson, let me know in the comments below. -Clayton

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