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How to Improve Your Figure Drawing - Step by Step

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to draw the human figure and had no idea where to begin, Robert Marzullo’s figure drawing course has been carefully designed to cater to your needs. What makes this humble introduction into the world of figure drawing so special is its straight forward, easy to digest structure.

Robert systematically breaks down every part of the human form into simple, easy to draw shapes then shows you how to build upon that all important foundational structure. This isn’t just an exercise in imitating what the instructor is drawing on the screen. Instead Robert provides a fundamental understanding of what it is you’re actually working with.

What that ultimately means is you’ll leave this course with the ability to draw and manipulate the human body into a variety of dynamic poses from a multitude of angles.

Robert shows real time how the muscle structure and anatomy of both the male and female is drawn through clear diagrams. This includes the torso arms and legs. Robert doesn’t stop at simply drawing in the contours of the muscles and showing you where they go, he also describes the overall volumes and surface forms of the muscle groups so that you’re able to get a real feel for their 3-dimensional mass.

Foundational structure and anatomy are only one aspect of figure drawing however, and in this course, Robert gives you the whole package. Once you’re familiar with the overall muscle structure of the human body, the course takes a turn into how it moves in action as well as how to make those poses pop off the page in perspective. Robert demonstrates this by revealing a number of foreshortening techniques and mindsets he likes to use when composing his characters.

Personally, what I liked most about Roberts course is his ability to relate to the audience and express what runs through his mind throughout the drawing process. This also branches out to the fact that like all of us, he also makes mistakes. And having the opportunity to see how he addresses those mistakes and fixes them is in my opinion, the most valuable lesson of them all. It’s no wonder Robert Marzullo’s Figure Drawing Course has been carefully crafted to such a high standard.

Robert has been creating Comic Art tutorials for years now having cultivated a huge following as well as copious amounts of experience, having released his creator owned title Black Stone.

Advanced artists may find some of the content included in this course redundant in building upon their own learning. A lot of what’s covered in this course is set at a beginner level. Even so, I myself have been drawing for quite some time and still managed to glean new nuggets of knowledge, if not refresh and solidify the knowledge and experience I already have.

So in saying that, even if you have been drawing for a while, chances are you’re still going to get something out of Roberts’s course. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to make a start in dynamic figure drawing, whether it be for comics, concept art or any other illustrative avenue. There’s pearls of insight in here for everyone. If you want to enhance your figure drawing abilities so that you’re able to draw your Comic Book characters with powerful poses, purely from your imagination - this course has everything you need to get started. Check it out | -Clayton

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