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Figure Drawing Foundations | Mannequin Model Intro - Slide 26 Preview

This one’s still in progress – but I wanted to show you a quick snapshot of how I sculpt a roughly drawn draft into a polished piece of Comic Art. It’s a process. Some of you might be surprised to know just how much I erase and refine a drawing along the way. I do a lot of tweaking and refining, and often dump a whole lot of hours in before calling it done. Turns out that’s one of my personal drawbacks too, because all those details come at a price for time. Which is fine for this piece, because I get to set the deadline. In the real world however, time means money and that often translates to a fine balance of quantity and quality. As I harness my skill, I find more and more that developing faster ways to work, while still maintaining a high standard of quality runs hand in hand. I’m recording the creation of this piece as a time-lapse for the Figure Drawing Fundamentals Course. In this segment I speak about how as Comic Book Artists, one of our core goals is to create sequences that take the reader on a journey and leave a memorable impression with them even after the book is closed. -Clayton

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