Figure Drawing Foundations | Mannequin Model Intro - Slide 25

I couldn't resist busting open ‘The Art of Simon Bisley’ in my quest for inspiration the other day . I’ve always been drawn to his raw, brutal style. Especially in the way he depicts women. He seems to push a vividly striking balance of beauty and power in equal amounts of stylized exaggeration -resulting in some of the most intimidating female characters I’ve come across in Comics. I didn’t have to thumb through too many pages before I was itching to scribble down my own dynamite vixen. And here she is, ready to chew bubble gum and kick ass… and she’s all outa bubble gum… This is a fresh new Slide for the Figure Drawing Foundations Course I’m putting together for you guys. In this segment I discuss how Animators use a similar approach to simplifying the human figure, so that they’re better able to visualize and draw their characters down onto paper in any pose they like. -Clayton

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