Cat Girl Break Down

Back to writing tutorials today, so nothing new to show you art wise. Instead, here’s a quick, three part break down of the Catwoman illustration.

I’ve changed up my work flow recently, by beginning with a very rough sketch and then jumping straight into the inks to polish up the line work. This has sped up my production time 2 fold because I no longer have to double back over intricately refined pencils. Instead, I’ve left the finished line work to the inking, and simply worked over the top of the half-baked pencils.

The new coloring method also takes a fraction of the time, and looks absolutely schmick! Since it’s only fresh, putting this coloring technique into action has been all about nailing the right amounts of blending and contrast.

All of this comes together to produce Comic Book Illustrations such as Catwoman in a much tighter time frame while still capturing the right amount of quality. Which is magnificent, because that means more time to create even more art!


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