Mannequin Model Tutorial: Slide 5

Just finished making the rounds with family and friends over the Christmas/New Year break – and I’ve got to say it’s good to be back. Back to the real world in general but most importantly back to making new tutorials for you!

I’m diving straight into it too. Check out the new slide I’ve whipped up for the up and coming ‘Mannequin Model Tutorial’. This will be part of the first video in a series focusing on the human figure – how to pose, place, scale, foreshorten and balance it. Exactly what you’ve been after to get your comic book characters packing a punch on the page.

This slide describes how though you may know your anatomy and proportions from head to toe, there’s something more to energising your characters with eye popping poses and movement. It’s going to be a hit, and I can’t wait for you to see it. You’ll have to be patient though. I’m forecasting an expected March release for this one.

There are about 30 more slides to go so expect some more updates soon.

Chow for now! -Clayton

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