How to Draw Comics - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Michelangelo Colors

Struggling to spruce up your Line Art with the same Coloring mastery that douses the pages of modern day Comics?

I can relate. In fact before I’d conquered it, I found Comic Book Coloring to be a colossal task to tackle indeed. And it’s no wonder with all there is to consider – Color Mixing/Blending, Shading, Values and Contrast, not to mention Compositional Balancing.

Where does one even begin?

The truth is… to really bring your comic book creations through to a finally polished finish, Coloring is the essential last piece to the Penciling and Inking triad.

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Knowing this, I was forced to figure it out, because deep down I could never honestly call my art work done without it… Although I’ve since harnessed the skill through persistent practice, I realize there are still others out there who are only just starting out – and maybe you’re right where I was not so long ago.

That’s why in the final part to my Ninja Turtle Series, I’ve taken the time to create an expanded walkthrough revealing, in detail, my entire method to Comic Book Coloring.

In this expansive 30 minute walkthrough you’ll discover exactly -

  • How to go about establishing complementary base colors for your illustrations.

  • How to shade, blend and render your art using the Lasso and Air Brush technique.

  • How to guide the viewer’s eye throughout your works though Tonal Value shifts.

  • How to tweak your work to perfection with Adjustment Layers.

Coloring Comics is an insanely in depth topic to cover, but with the tips, tricks and advice you’ll take away from this foundational overview, you’ll have more than enough to enrich your Line Art with an electrifying array of captivating Color.

Enjoy the video, talk to you soon.


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