Embodying my inner night owl, I spent the better half of last night wrapping up on this piece and I’m pleased to say it’s finally done (even if my coffee detoxing did take a hit in the process). You’ve probably been wondering about the peculiar name of this piece. If you’ve never heard of Cleineclypto and can’t track down its dictionary meaning, that’s because it’s actually a new word I invented. Some may even call my word creating ability a talent in and of itself. It actually relates back to the story revolving around this comic book illustration, which some of you have already asked about. I guess, come to think of it, I do kind of owe you an explanation to this intriguing warrior duo. So let me take a moment to put your curiosity to rest and give you a little back story. Cleineclypto is an ambiguous term referring to an apocalyptic war between man and demon. When the minions of hell tore through an inter-dimensional rift into our world, they infested th