Cleineclypto Inks

I’ve been hermiting for the last few weeks, this is why. Cleineclypto is now all inked up and ready for a dash of color. Originally the characters were intended to hold up the comic book illustration alone, but I decided they needed to be more grounded into a world of their own. So I made the delayed decision to throw in a gothic themed, fantasy background (and right when I’d thought it was done). When it comes to comic art, backgrounds are often left as an afterthought due to deadlines, (or laziness, guilty as charged), but their contribution to mood, theme and storytelling is never to be underestimated. It’s always worth taking that little, extra bit of time to make your drawings the best that they can be. Both the pencils and inks were done digitally, using a Wacom Tablet and a very steady, (now very sore) hand. The aim now is to get this piece all coloured up and uploaded to along with a very special guide that will break down the entire process I’ve taken to construct this beastly creation from start to finish. More updates to come. -Clayton

#inking #comicart

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