NOMAD Art Satchel: Create anywhere...Painlessly

How long do you take to commute to and from work? For me it's about an hour or so by train. Sometimes, I think about socializing on the way. It's a healthy thing to do after all, especially if you're a freelancer or natural introvert... But then I notice their firmly lodged ear phones and unblinking eyes, glued to the screens of their technologically advanced gizmos and it's just... discouraging. So of course I quickly resort to breaking out my good ol' sketch book. Problem is it’s kinda awkward... Drawing any place without a good bench to lean on seems to take more co-ordination then it should and if you’re an artist on the move you know what I’m talking about. So when I saw this finely designed gadget I thought it was genius. I can’t tell you when they plan to roll these 'NOMAD Satchels' out but when they do it’ll be at the top of my wish list.


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