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Moving On

Overcoming Artistic Failures and Creative Defeat

(Apologies in advance for the slightly out of sync audio - the recording seemed to get a bit laggy in some parts.)

In this video I talk about how to move on from artistic defeat! 

We've all experienced it before. We have the highest hopes for every illustration we work on, but sometimes no matter how hard we try, they don't all turn out the way we would have liked in the end.

This can feel really discouraging to us. Especially if we're a relatively experienced artist who thought they had really honed their skill set to the point where such mistakes were avoidable. But even the best of the best mess up every now and then, and that's okay.

Making mistakes comes with the territory when you're an artist of any kind, whether it be a comic book artist, storyboard artist, concept artist, illustrator, you name it! There's always room for improvement, and there's certainly always room to mess up.

In this talk, I want to share the message that this is normal. This is okay, and it's not something that should stop you from pursuing what you're truly passionate about. 

When we fail, it can cause us to second guess ourselves. To question whether or not we were meant for our craft. It's not a nice feeling. 

So I hope that when you next find yourself at rock bottom creatively as an artist, you'll be able to use this video to pick yourself back up and keep pushing on. Because that's what makes you a great artist in the end. Having the ability to keep on moving forward. 

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