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1-on-1 Guidance To Rapidly Improve Your Comic Art

Take The Next Step Toward Creating The Kind of Art That Inspired You To Become a Comic Artist in The First Place

Receive personalized, 1-on-1 coaching! Our Mentoring Sessions cater to your individual needs as a comic artist - Your questions answered, obstacles conquered and multiple pathways to mastery unlocked.

If you are ready see rapid improvement in your comic art, keep reading.

I'm Clayton, creator of How To Draw Comics. Net.


Let’s be honest, it's hard to create great comic art. In fact, it's one of the most difficult skill-sets to cultivate.

That's why if you want to become a pro, I've got great admiration for you already.


Because I know what it takes.

I've gone through the same challenges you're facing now. Had the same doubts. Even thought about quitting when my drawings just didn't work out.

Trying and failing isn't motivating. It's demoralizing. But if you've got the wherewithal to keep at it, barriers will be broken.

This skill-set can be learned and mastered, like any other. All it takes is persistence.


Talent is merely the motivation to get better at that which you're most passionate about.


Truly comprehending that helped me succeed.


What I'm capable of now is far removed from where I began - quite frankly the distance I've come is unbelievable.

I proved to myself it was possible, and over the years, I've proved it to my students as well.

Superheroines Clayton Barton.jpg

I Had An Advantage


In my early 20's I began my career as a multimedia art lecturer. This allowed me to learn through the challenges my students faced, because I had to help solve them. 

As a result, I encountered and overcame just about every obstacle you could think of. There's a finite amount of ways to screw up, and no matter how unique the problem, it can often be traced back to the same underlying symptoms.

I honed my abilities as a biproduct of helping others, and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Clayton Barton Teaching.jpg

But I Wish I'd Had Someone To Guide Me


I realized how incredibly valuable this would have been after I began mentoring my brother. 

A skilled artist in his own right, Korey wanted help with some long running issues that were holding him back. So we set up a video call. He told me what he was struggling with, and I showed him how to move past it. By the end, we were both impressed by the progress we made.

An entire course worth of information condensed into 2 hours. Everything I taught Korey during the session was specific to what he wanted to know, nothing more, nothing less. It was the most optimized and effective learning experience I'd ever witnessed.

Watch part of the Mentoring Session Korey and I had below.

This Got Me Thinking...


...about the impact something like this might have on the hundreds of aspiring artists who visit our site everyday. 


Imagine if we had the opportunity to sit down 1-on-1 for a training session focused on your individual needs?


Not only is it possible, but this service is now available on HTDC. It's the next evolution in comic art training, and our hope is to help more artists than ever before reach their goals.

HTDC Mentoring 2 1000x.png

Unlike pre-recorded courses or Youtube videos, our Mentoring Sessions offer in-depth advice and feedback on your comic art real-time! They're catered to your specific needs, addressing questions, obstacles and helping you discover multiple pathways to improvement.


You get to learn from pro's who are actually making comics, and are ready to share everything they've learned.


HTDC's Mentoring Sessions offer an intimate learning experience designed to shortcut your learning curve and level up your skill-set in a fraction of the time it takes other artists. Make no mistake, your abilities will grow at a rate you never thought possible!

How To Draw Comics Mentoring 0.jpg

This Is About You, And Only You


You come to us with the problem, we'll help you solve it once and for all. It's that simple.

During the 2 Hour LIVE call with your mentor, you'll get your work reviewed, feedback given and have the freedom to ask as many questions as you'd like - not only will they be answered, but you'll receive techniques and tactics to get past those sticking points.


Each session is recorded so that you can download, and play it back as many times as you'd like.

Are You Ready?


If you’re ready to take your comic art abilities to the next level, and commit to truly honing your skill-set –what are you waiting for?

After you’ve booked your Mentoring Session, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail with a time, date and link. 24 hours before your Mentoring Session begins, we'll send a reminder so you don't miss it!

How To Draw Comics Mentoring 1.jpg

Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

If for some reason you’re not absolutely satisfied with your 1-on-1 mentoring experience, I’ll personally give you a full refund, no questions asked. Worst case scenario is you get a free Mentoring Session.

This is the fairest way I know, to back the value you'll get from your Mentoring Session. If it's not what you were hoping for, or your Mentor doesn't deliver on what’s promised, I don’t want to keep your money.


That’s how confident I am in the value these Mentoring Sessions have to offer. I’m putting my money where my mouth is to guarantee a 100% risk free investment for you – There's everything to gain and nothing to lose by booking your first Mentoring Session today.

Superheroines Money Back Guarentee.png
How To Draw Comics Mentoring 2.jpg

When You Book Your Mentoring Session You'll Receive:

  • A confirmation e-mail with a time and date for your LIVE Mentoring Session

  • Personalized feedback, 1-on-1 coaching and questions answered within an intensive 2 Hour Mentoring Session

  • A downloadable recording of your Mentoring Session

  • 30 day money back guarantee if you feel we haven't delivered above and beyond

This won’t cost you an arm and a leg either. Not $1000 or even $500. Book now for just $200. You'll leave your 1-on-1 Mentoring Session with an ironclad game-plan to meet your goals - something which is impossible to get from an online course or packed classroom.

If you're serious about mastering your craft, make the investment now and reap the rewards of having a mentor work alongside you.

Mentors Can Only Coach 1 Person at a Time, So Sessions Are EXTREMELY LIMITED

If you're even considering booking a Mentoring Session, do NOT wait. These Sessions are very limited, since Mentor's commit their full attention to a single person - And currently I'm the only Mentor available.


As we enlist other Mentors, more slots will open up. But if you're looking to book in with someone specific, you'll need to do it quickly as there are no guarantees someone else won't beat you to it.

Here's What to do Next

Click the button below to book your

Mentoring Session now - and let's get started!


Dominik Roehrl


"Signing up for the mentoring was one of my best decisions in the last few years. No matter how many courses I signed up for, how many tutorials I watched - I kept asking myself the same questions. Am I taking the right approach? Is the method I have chosen the right one to achieve my goal? What should I focus on in my studies, and what should I possibly leave out for now?

At a certain point I needed a guideline, a professional artist to give me not only specific tips but also a structure, a roadmap, and feedback on my current work.

Clayton from provides all that, and much more. You get a session tailored to your needs, no matter the subject or topics, or your skill level.

I could never have progressed so quickly without the mentoring, and looking back over the last 6 months I am amazed at my own progress.

I am already excited about what the next 6 months will bring - and if I have any questions or struggles between the sessions, my mentor is always reachable."

David Corr


"The issue I was going through was the fact that because of my location I had to do my artwork through self-teaching as there are not a lot of artists in London to gain information from in a 1 to 1 critique but this mentorship helped me not just have my questions answered but also demonstrations and discussions which were more than helpful. I would fully recommend this to anyone who needs help in any aspect of their artwork."

Baha Al-Hashemi


"Clayton was a treat to work with! He was extremely knowledgeable and was able to provide much needed direction for my art growth.

By the end of our session he had composed a list of tasks tailored to help me get to where I wanted to be with my art.

I already have plans to meet with him periodically (in future sessions) to check my progress in aforementioned tasks.

Thanks again, Clayton!"

Morgan Bennett


"I was really impressed with Clayton’s in depth answers to my questions, and his ability to demonstrate anything I asked about. I left the session with a burst of motivation, and some homework to get me on the right track!"


There are no magic pills. Being a great comic book artist can only be achieved through hard work, patience and consistent practice. Our Mentoring Sessions aim to give you the roadmap, but you still need to apply the steps and guidance given to you. We only want serious people who are motivated, willing to put in the effort, and committed to honing their craft. Without the necessary actions taken on your behalf, we cannot guarantee that you'll get results from our advice, techniques or strategies.

We want to help you along your journey by providing feedback, guidance and actionable steps. You should know that HTDC's Mentoring Sessions are for educational and informative purposes only. Nothing on this page or our site is a promise of your future success as a comic book artist. Any examples of art or video referenced here are illustrative concepts only and should not be considered average, exact or promised outputs of future performance.


Contact me at if you have any questions or concerns about HTDC's Mentoring Sessions - And I’ll be happy to answer them for you!



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