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Icepick #1 - Cover
Icepick #1 - Preview 1
Icepick #1 - Preview 2
Icepick #1 - Preview 3

Icepick #1

The story kicks off with Icepick seeking revenge on those who killed his parents and left him for dead. Icepick's longtime friend Luke is the only person that knows Icepick is alive and is hard at work trying to uncover why Icepick survived and how his abilities came to life.

During an attempt to kill Luke and Annabelle (Icepick's fiancé) Icepick arrives just in time to save them, then vanishes.

Meanwhile, Luke and Annabelle run to the so called safety of the police. While Icepick is at the docks trying to make sense of how Annabelle is mixed up in everything, trouble arrives and Phreak makes his explosive debut and leaves the docks in ruins. 


Written By: Todd Rayner
Art By: Todd Rayner


Page Count: 26
Color/B&W: Color
Age Rating: PG
Digital Format: PDF

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