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That's All There is to IT!

Congratulations! That’s all there is to it! You should now have the picture perfect portrait of a beautiful woman sitting right there in front of you.


Now if she’s not quite as beautiful as you might’ve hoped, fret not my friend. Chances are if you’re a guy trying to learn to draw women, you’re not going to pull off a master piece the first time round.


And vice versa if you’re a lady. I bet you’re probably a lot better at drawing women then you are at men. And the simple reason is we’re good at what we know.


So it’s gonna take a little 'practice' to get confident at drawing the stuff you’re not so familiar with. But hey, that’s all part of the fun in learning how to draw right? You have to appreciate your journey as an artist because it’s a never ending one. The moment you reach your destination, is the moment you stop becoming better then what you are. So continue learning, continue pushing yourself just beyond your edge so that everything you draw tomorrow will be even better than it was today.


Now, once you’ve gone through this tutorial, there’s something I need you to do for me.


I’ve written this tutorial, as with every other tutorial in a way that'll guarantee your drawing success if followed. But, for me to promise you consistant results, I have to ask one small favour. 


Go back to the beginning of this tutorial and go through it again. Yes. You heard me. Follow every step, until you reach the end again and have a brand new head.


Then, when you've done that... turn over to the next page in your sketch book and go through this same process another five times. Do your best, and be sure to try your hardest to spot and fix any mistakes you make along the way.

Afterward take a close look at all 6 heads, and tell me whether or not you are seeing those results I promised you.


Listen, I know better than most how hard it can be to even find out where to begin when setting out to learn how to draw. Let alone piecing all the bits and pieces of information gathered together and the incredible amount of months and years it can take to make decent progress.


I know because I’ve been there, crawling through the mud on my elbows and knees to gain the skill set I’m now lucky enough to share with you. So I feel for you, the aspiring artist who dreams of someday earning a living doing what they love. That’s the reason I created How to Draw Comics .NET.


You see this method was specially designed to be downloaded and cemented into your brain through repetition in the smallest amount of time possible. So that within literally a week or two, drawing the human head has become almost second nature to you.


If you want to see MAXIMUM RESULTS you need to be both patient and persistent. Spend a week filling your sketch book up with head drawings, and I promise you now that you will literally see your drawing skills reach new levels before your very eyes.


Have you got a question or inquiry? Maybe you'd just like some good old fashioned one on one help with your drawing. Whatever it is, be sure to e-mail me at , and I'll be more then happy to help. 


Good luck everybody, and keep the dream alive.



Thanks for reading;


I hope you’ve enjoyed this Free how to draw comics tutorial.


Until next time, goodbye and GOOD LUCK! 




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