How to Draw Heads: 3/4 Angle View Of The Male Head

By Clayton Barton

How to Draw Comics | How to Draw Hair

Learning how to draw superhero heads from the front and side is perfect practice for the general proportions and placement of the facial features.


By now you’re probably pretty darn good at drawing those picture perfect portraits and profiles too. Yet, maybe you’re also feeling a little confined and confused when it comes to the other, more complicated points of view beyond the two dimensional realm.


Let’s be honest, drawing heads at an angled perspective ain’t the easiest feat in the world to elegantly accomplish. But the truth is, in reality the human head is rarely observed straight on from the front or side. Even when someone turns to look directly at you, foreshortening and perspective will skew your view of them to an extent. That is unless you're a mugshot camera man of course!


Imagine reading a whole comic book where the heads of those characters were shot from the front or side all the way through. Sure it might be an alright read for the first page or two. But before long, you’d find the resulting flatness somewhat boring and non-compelling. In fact if you really you think about it, it’s the comics that don the most dynamic compositions that are sure to encapsulate an audience within unbreakable immersion.


So my comic book creating compadre', as amazing as you are at drawing those picture perfect portraits and profiles, that alone just will not do. Harnessing the power of dynamic comic book artistry is all about the freedom to draw anything from any angle imaginable. And in those pinnacle moments of drama, action and emotion the last thing you want is to be confined to a two dimensional playing field.



Allow me now to take you on a ride into the third dimension as we manoeuvre the scope of our camera around the human head to the all encompassing three quarter view.


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