Conclusion Of The 3/4 View Male Head

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And that my friend is the end of this mammoth sized tutorial. If you’ve ploughed through and read each of these steps you should have a drawing in front of you that resembles a dashingly handsome, ¾ angle Male Head.


There’s something special about graduating from drawing the front and side of the human head to the ¾ view. No longer are we looking straight on at a flat portrait or profile, it’s now presented in a three dimensional realm, where there’s a real feel for the forms and geometry that make up the head and its individual features.


But this is really only the tip of the ice berg. At some point, you’ll gain the power to draw the head from any angle you can think of and that’ll be when it truly manifests as an object that can be turned and manipulated in a 3 dimensional space. This is the point where you’ll not only have the ability to draw what your mind is envisioning, but you’ll be able understand it as a structured form.


Just starting out, drawing the head on an angle can be a little mind boggling, especially if you’ve never attempted it before. Even if you’re no newbie to drawing, let’s be honest, at times it can take a little tweaking to get right. That’s because when you begin to turn the head in space how it appears to the eye becomes different at every view point. This is why understanding the primitive building blocks that make it up are so important. If you can really get your head around them, you’ll have the key to drawing what you want dynamically, without holding back on those difficult shots or camera angles.


Listen, I want you to see real results. If you put the time into reading and going through each step in this tutorial I want you to come out of it with a return in value. But I’m not here to sprinkle fairy dust onto the hard grind you’ll inevitably have to go throw. Mastering your abilities is probably the hardest, most testing, and self-doubting quest you’ll ever undertake in your life. 

So you need to be a true warrior to break through from whatever level of skill you’re at now in order to ascend to the epitome of your drawing abilities.


Beyond my teachings, the best possible advice I can give to you is to practice, and never stop practicing. Information alone is worthless if it’s not put into action. When it comes to learning how to draw, that’s something you’ll have to do over and over again to ensure the knowledge you gain becomes engrained through experience and application. You’ll invest more time then you can imagine into your passion to become proficient at your craft. But in the end you’ll get an even greater pay off in return.


So once you’ve gone through this tutorial, roll back to the beginning and set out on the road to mastery again. Meticulously recap on each and every step, building and rebuilding your drawings with the techniques you’ve learned until it gets to a point where these teachings have become branded into your mind.


The gift you’ll be left with is a process so automatic you no longer even have to think about it. And instead of focusing all your energy onto how you’ll draw, it’ll go into what you want to draw instead.


Isn’t that what’s most important?


The technical ability to draw is really only the tool harnessed to create your ideas, and those ideas are really where your ambitions should ultimately lie.


That’s the reason I’m sharing this knowledge with you. Because I believe deep down that if I can share my tools of creation with you, you’ll share your ideas with the world, and in turn, the world will nurture creatively and self-expression.


Good luck, and as always, keep the dream alive. 

Thanks for reading;


I hope you’ve enjoyed this Free how to draw comics tutorial.


Until next time, goodbye and GOOD LUCK! 



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