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How to Draw Hair: Hairlines

Before we get into the good stuff first thing is first. You’re going to want to define the hairline of your comic book character.


You can think of the hairline as a barrier that outlines the area of turf your hair grows out from (the scalp). The hairline serves as a guide that’ll define what I like to refer to as the ‘Hair Zone’.


The hairline is drawn in halfway between the brow line and the top of the head. 

Where you place the hairline can vary slightly due to different hairline types, hair loss and in some cases genders (sometimes women are drawn with a slightly ‘higher hairline').


Now that you know ‘Where’ to draw the hairline, let’s talk about ‘How’ to draw it. This is going to vary from character to character but there are really only three main types of hairlines to keep in mind - the ‘Flat Hairline’, ‘The Widows Peak Hairline’ and ‘The Receding Hairline’.


The Flat Hairline

How to Draw Comics | How to Draw Hair

The Flat Hairline runs ‘straight’ across the forehead, then downward to the ears at either side. It’s the most common type of hairline you’re likely to come across.

The Widows Peak

How to Draw Comics | How to Draw Hair

Like the Flat Hairline, the Widow’s Peak is drawn in right across the forehead, except this time it comes to a distinct, V-like point in the centre.

This type of hairline is a little rarer, but does tend to suit more dominant, badass characters thanks to its sharp, jagged appearance.

The Receding Hairline

How to Draw Comics | How to Draw Hair

The Receding Hairline ‘recedes’ further back on the head due to an oncoming case of baldness. Yeah… The heads of these unfortunate comic book characters are usually on a one way highway straight down the bowling alley.


Beyond those three types all you are left with is a finally waxed balled head with no hairline at all, which of course is always an option too if you want your comic book character to don that Lex Luther swaggery. Let’s face it, bald has and will always be in for the most villainous of villains.


Now that you've drawn in the hairline, click the 'NEXT' button to discover the 3 part formula for successfully drawing comic book styled hair. 

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