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How to Draw Hair

In 3 Simple Steps



I’m not here to lie to you… Drawing hair IS an incredibly long, tedious and complicated task to tackle. None the less, prepare yourself because there’s no getting around it. Hair is an obstacle that absolutely must be conquered…


Well. That is unless you plan on making all your characters bald… In that case I’ll let you off the hook.


When drawing a character’s head, it’s the hair that’ll be the most drawn out and time consuming portion of the entire process. Truth be told, it’s precisely because of all those incredibly detailed, chaotically organised strands of hair that many budding artists are frightened off before they even take a stab at hairdressing their comic book characters.


Look drawing hair isn’t actually all that hard… But drawing GOOD hair IS, unless you’ve got the right ‘hair drawing technique’ under your belt!


What if I told you I was about to share such a technique with YOU… and that with it you’ll be able to EASILY add in all the detail you want to your masterfully styled heads of hair, slickly shape it any way you like, and just make it look plain damn awesome all at the same time… The operative word here being ‘easily’.


By adding this nifty little 3 part method into your drawing arsenal, you’re going to have the power to do just that…


Let's begin by defining the hairline; hit the 'NEXT' button to continue...

How to Draw Comics | How to Draw Hair

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