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How To Draw Girls: The Female Face

Front View of The Female Head

In this comic art tutorial, you’ll learn how to draw the front of the female face.

If you find this tutorial useful, you might get some value out of the full lesson where I also show you how to draw the three quarter view, and profile view of the female head. Watch it on Skillshare now by clicking this link:

As for this demonstration, we’ll begin by establishing the foundations for the head, defining its size, placement and proportions. The foundations are the greatest determiner of your drawing’s success! Without a solid foundation to work off of, it’s impossible to plan out the drawing with a clear sense of the direction you’d like to take it in.

Foundations are especially important when drawing the head since placing the facial features correctly is absolutely necessary to avoid it looking disproportionate. Sizing it up and figuring out the angle or view at which it’ll be presented is also determined in the foundational phase of the drawing.

From there we'll begin sketching in the facial features and outlining the shape of the jaw. The way we depict the eyes, nose, mouth and shape of the character's head will greatly impact its feminine appearance. Women tend to have softer looking faces with subtler forms. The corners of the jaw line are less sharp. Their eyes are usually emboldened by thick eye lashes that draw attention, while the lips are full and voluptuous.

These are the key physical factors that’ll enhance the femininity of the character. Without their implementation, there’s a good chance the women you’re attempting to draw will begin to appear more masculine. This is absolutely fine, as some women do have very masculine features. I like to think of these masculine and feminine attributes like a dial that can be turned in one direction or the other.

It all ultimately comes down to you, and whether or not you’re trying to capture a character that looks feminine or masculine. So feel free to experiment with these dials to see how they affect the appearance of your character.

Although thick eyeliner, luscious lips and a soft complexion tend to be the idealized traits of a stylized feminine face, it's really the hair that sets them apart. Because of its organic nature, we want to make the hair of a woman look alive. It should have a majestic appeal to it that dynamically flows into the shape of the characters hair style.

The best way to approach this is to block out the overall shape and mass of the hair first, capturing its form and primary flow of movement. From there it's easy to break up into smaller clumps, and add in rendering to imply the textural qualities of the individual strands that it consists of.

I hope you enjoy this lesson. Thanks so much for watching and if you enjoyed this video, pass it along to your comic art friends. Women’s faces can be very difficult to draw due to their subtleties. We’ve all struggled to draw appealing, beautiful looking ladies at one point or another, and some of us still are. So if you can think of anyone who will benefit from this tutorial, share it with them! They will appreciate it, and so will I.

Keep on creating, and keep on practicing!


Software Used: Manga Studio


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