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Character Design: Goliath - Part 1

Establishing Foundations, Defining Contours & Shadow

In today’s drawing demonstration we tackle Goliath – a brutish behemoth from Rob Arnold’s Replicator Comic Book series.

Find out more about Replicator here:

This video is part 1 of a long line up of drawing demo’s for Goliath that’ll be coming out in the next few weeks. Part of the reason for that is because he’s such a huge character, with a ton of detail and design elements. Not to mention, what you’ll see in this lesson is only part of his full character sheet.

Specifically, part one will focus on establishing the foundations of Goliath – determining his pose, proportions and placement on the page. This step is especially important for a character of his size because what we’ll also be doing is roughly defining the volume of his forms.

Goliath has lots of muscle mass, most of which will predominantly fill out his shape. So the anatomy of the character is also a big focus for me in the beginning. Not only do I need to make sure his muscle structure holds together accurately, his hulking body type also needs to appear functional.

The drafting stage is all about experimentation and exploration of the design. Mistakes will always be made and corrections required to arrive at a better outcome. It’s important to allow yourself the freedom to make those errors because doing so is all part of the development process. More than likely you’ll end up with the most ideal representation of your character because of it.

If I need to erase half the character during the roughs, whether it is to switch up a major portion of their design or simply to change their pose, I’ll do so without hesitation. Be engaged, but don’t be precious, especially about the outcome. Not just yet anyway!

Moving on we’ll enter into the refinement stage of the drawing. At this point we should have a pretty solid blue print to build upon, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Here, we’re simply working over the top of what’s already there and finessing it.

During Goliath’s refinement faze I’m primarily focused on defining his exterior and interior outlines. That means contouring his design elements and his anatomy. But knowing where to break those contours is equally as important as laying them in, in the first place.

When done correctly, we can add a whole new dimension to our line art illustrations through the major contours alone. This is done through careful consideration of the main light source the character is being lit under, and using line weights to indicate it.

After Goliath is outlined it’s time to bring out his forms with some shadows. Once more, I’ve got the light source in mind as I define the shape of the shadows with a fine contour – before filling them in. Form also comes into play.

As I lay the shadows in around Goliath’s muscles I’m thinking about the shape of their surface. This helps me to figure out how large the core shadows should be, in relation of course to the position of the light.

So this first demo is all about defining the outline, and adding in the shadows of Goliath’s first character sheet illustration. In the following parts to this series we’ll take a look at rendering, materials and textures – and how to create an extremely polished design sheet for a comic book character.

Thanks so much for watching, until next time – keep on drawing!




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