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How To Draw Girls: The Female Face

Downward Perspective of the Female Head - Front View

In the next lesson of my How to Draw Girls tutorial series you’ll learn how to draw the downward view of the female head from the front. If you find this demonstration useful, you can watch the full lesson on Skillshare by clicking this link:


In the full half hour lesson we’ll cover both the top down and bottom up angles of the female face, where you’ll learn how to construct the basic head model in perspective, foreshorten the proportions and place the facial features accurately.


These points of view are incredibly powerful for presenting the female head with a cinematic drama and intensity. One of the reasons they’re so impactful is because they’re drawn in perspective, introducing a whole new level of depth and dimension to the standard portrait or eye level head shot.


To draw the female face from these points of view effectively however you’ll need to understand how perspective affects the proportions, facial features and shape of the head’s overall structure. So the first thing you’ll learn about in this lesson is how to structure the foundational model of the female head from a downward facing angle, then how to use that basic structure to plot out the proportions and placement of the facial features accurately.


I’ll then show you how foreshortening affects the shape of the head and facial features when drawing it in the top down perspective. We’ll discuss the major changes you’re likely to see in the way the face is shaped and how the eyes, nose, mouth and ears are drawn from this angle.


You’ll also learn how to shade the female head in perspective using a range of hatching techniques, as well as how to block out and render an eye-catching hair style for your comic book women.


By the end of this class you’ll have learned how to establish the foundations of the female head in a downward view from the front, how to shape the face and facial features, and foreshorten its proportions according the perspective it’s presented in. I hope that you get a ton of value out of this lesson.


Thanks for watching, and good luck!



Software Used: Manga Studio


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