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How To Draw Girls: The Female Face

Downward Perspective of the Female Head - Three Quarter View

In this tutorial you'll learn how to draw the female head from the top down and bottom up perspectives in the three quarter view.

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Drawing faces in these points of view is extremely difficult because of the foreshortening that takes place as the head is rotated and presented from a more dynamic perspective.

All the proportions we’ve learned in the eye level front, side, and three quarter views of the female head to help us place the facial features become skewed. Their proportional relationships in terms of scale and placement are all adjusted to convey the depth and dimensions of the head as it protrudes and recedes in the upward and downward, three quarter representations of the head.

Not only that, but the shape of the head’s structure and the facial features themselves are also affected, causing us additional confusion as to how the eyes, nose, mouth and ears should be drawn from one view point to the next. This ultimately means that there’s no one way to draw the features, and that in reality they have an endless amount of variations that each correlate with whatever angle the head is being drawn on.

As mentioned previously, the structure of the head and its shape also becomes skewed when looking at the head on a top down or bottom up, three quarter angle. This is most noticeable around the jaw line and brow, but also applies to the entire face as a whole in more subtle ways.

So how do we get around this predicament? How can we confidently draw the female face from a multitude of dynamic angles with confidence?

The solution is to begin understanding the human head, along with its facial features in a more three dimensional context; to understand it as having depth and form. By converting the structure of the face and the facial features into three dimensional geometry we’re better able to comprehend how it might look when turning it in space, ultimately allowing us to create a more convincing representation of the head as we draw it in these points of view.

In this lesson I’ll show you the basic building blocks used to construct a foundational base for the female head in the upward and downward, three quarter perspectives. We’ll then use this simple structure to plot out the placement of the facial features and shape of the face, while keeping in mind how these elements will be affected by the foreshortening which will occur when looking at the head in these perspectives.

Then we’ll draw in the facial features, refine the shape of the face, and block out a hair style for each of the female head examples covered in the demonstration. You’ll learn how to refine the draft and polish up the line work through the use of line weights, as well as how to describe form, texture and value through the use of crosshatch rendering techniques.

I hope you get loads of value out of this lesson, thanks for watching, and good luck!



Software Used: Manga Studio


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