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Comic Book Cover Art: Cyber-Spectre Inks

Rendering Hair, Materials and Textures

In the 3rd and final chapter of the Cyber-Spectre series I’ll show you how to use a variety of shading techniques to create depth, tonal variation and texture within your comic art.

Click the links below to see the first two videos in this comic art series:

Cyber-Spectre Pencils: Drafting, Composing and Establishing the Layout
Cyber-Spectre Inks | Establishing The Outline And Working With Line Weights

Rendering and detailing is the final step in the inking process. It’s the easiest part of the entire comic art production. The major outlines have been inked, and we can see that all the hard work and effort we put into the foundations stage is now paying off as the art work nears completion. 

We’ll use a number of crosshatch and shading techniques to give the illustration added depth and dimension. You’ll learn how to balance the light values and dark values to create contrast, greater readability and a distinction between the various materials and textures throughout your comic art.

It’s at this point that everything begins to take form. We get a glimpse at what all the hard work we’ve put into the illustration thus far will ultimately amount to. It’s a rewarding  feeling.

But this stage is also the most time consuming stage in the entire process. So patience is important, that and the ability to keep on motivating yourself to push forward as the monotony of its production begins to sink in.  

I hope that you enjoy the video. This series has been an absolute pleasure to put together for you.

Thanks for watching! 

Software Used: Manga Studio


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