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Construct, Design & Refine Your Own Comic Book Characters

Within 3 Days You'll Learn How To:

✎ Construct Characters With Bang-On Proportions, Vivid             Shape and Awesome Anatomy

✎ Draw Characters With Powerful Poses That Pack a Wallop!

✎ Create Unique, Memorable & Bad-Ass Character Designs

✎ Pro Techniques to Outline, Detail, Texture and Render Your       Characters For Maximum Aesthetic Appeal

✎ Discover The Key Areas of Improvement You Can Make To       Upgrade Your Characters From Meh To AMAZING!

Enrollments Close In:

Would You Like To Consistently Draw Cool Looking Characters That Grab Attention & Get Remembered?


Then keep reading because you're about to discover the one thing that'll boost your character drawing abilities x10... something far greater than just another method or technique

- and you won't find it in a course, book or Youtube Video.

Character Creator Workshop - Art 01.jpg

Have you ever looked at a character you’ve just spent hours drawing and thought “Why can’t I draw better than this by now?” 


You’ve read all the books. Watched all the courses and tutorials - and you’re certain they should’ve helped. You’ve got the knowledge. So why haven’t you improved that much? What are you missing?


If you have, you’re not alone. There's many artists out there right now who share the same frustration. 

But what if I told you there’s this one thing, just one, that could make it all click for you? The missing piece of the puzzle you'll never find in a book, tutorial or a course.


Something that would allow you to eradicate the flaws within your work; to solve the mistakes you never even knew were there in the first place. Imagine being able to finely draw your characters the way you always dreamed they could look?


In a moment I’ll reveal exactly what the heck I'm talking about, but before we get into it…

If we haven't met before, my name's Clayton Barton, and I'm the creator of How To Draw Comics. NET. I've taught at multiple Universities, released several online courses, and successfully crowdfunded and published my own comic book.

I've also worked as an editor, character designer, and layout artist on multiple comic titles. So as you can tell, I've got a real passion for drawing comics and teaching others how to do it too!


And in just a moment I’m going to reveal the discovery I’ve made that can advance an artist's drawing abilities faster and more effectively than anything else I’ve come across in my experience.

Here's What You Should Know...


Greatness isn’t born, it’s made. No matter how good an artist becomes, they never start out that way. 


I was no exception. 


My art used to suck. I mean it was bad, real bad. I made every mistake under the sun. 


Talk about characters… Most, if not all the characters I drew had weird anatomy, whacky proportions and broken poses. They were flat, lifeless and lacked pizzazz! Their designs - generic and uninspired.


The thing is, I was so young that my art got compliments by default from friends and family. I could've drawn a hot turd and it still would have blown them away. And all you needed to get the 'Best Artist' badge in school was to be the one kid in class that drew anything at all.


Nonetheless, I took all the props and paise I could get to heart, and it gave me the fuel I needed to keep burning lead.

It was never my goal to work at a big comics studio. All I really wanted to do was make my own comic books, with my own characters and sell enough copies to keep doing it. 


I was inspired by the incredible work of artists like Marc Silvestri, Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, and David Finch - I wanted to draw on their level and create comics that were just as EPIC - which is what drove my obsession to get better.

But at times it just felt like that dream was so far away. The moment I thought I had it figured, I’d either repeat the same mistake as before, or find some new way to tank my drawing. I couldn't work out why I kept stuffing up, and it killed my motivation!

It was always one step forward and two steps back.

Not because I was a slow learner, but because I was blind to the things I was doing wrong. Had no idea what was working and what wasn’t; consistently missed the red flags that lead to doomed drawings. 

I had the knowledge, but I didn’t understand how to apply it.


I thought maybe if I posted my artwork online someone would leave me feedback. But no one said anything. This wasn't high school anymore - No one praised it, no one critiqued it, no one cared for subpar artwork.


That was probably the worst part - realizing my art was so mediocre no one even noticed it.


At that point I really started to think, “Maybe I’m not supposed to be doing this. Maybe I just don’t have enough talent. Maybe it’s time to throw in the towel and do something else.” 


The reason I’m telling you this, is because I want you to know that if you’re feeling stuck, like you’re not making enough progress or you just want to go from being good to great, I can relate. I’ve been there too. 

It's not through a lack of trying - you're trying hard, really hard. It's not from a lack of knowledge - you've consumed more than enough books and courses at this point.


So why then, what is it?


Keep reading, you're about to find out... 

The One Thing That Was Missing

Fast forward a few years later - I've just turned 20, and stumble into a teaching position at the University I graduated from a few months earlier.


Better yet, I'm teaching Character Design! - my favorite subject of all time. 


By that point I’d developed a solid approach to drawing characters through sheer grit and determination, so it was no big deal to teach it to a class room full of eager learners. 

Character Creator Workshop - Clayton Barton.jpg

Then I discovered it. The one thing I’d been missing this entire time. The one thing that would have been a game changer for me when I was first learning how to draw.

As the students began to sketch out their characters, they each ran into their own unique problems. They had the formula, but that wasn’t enough. 


I recognized exactly what they were going through because I’d gone through the same experience.


The one thing they were missing was simply this - feedback tailored to them. Insights, critiques and guidance that was specific to their work. 


No lecture was going to give them that.


They needed someone who'd been in the trenches; a pro with a well trained eye, who could shine a light on the micro-mistakes they didn’t realize they were making. A guide to help them surpass the challenges they were coming up against... to meet them where they were at and walk them through the process. 


You don’t know the things you don’t know. Once I realized that, the importance of cultivating a personalized learning experience for each student became obvious.


If you’re fortunate enough to have access to a pro who can show you the ropes while giving you the direction you need to succeed - it'll supercharge your learning to the max, like nothing else.


It’s by far one of the fastest ways to master your abilities. 

So that’s what I gave my students. I taught them how to create great looking characters, and gave them the personalized feedback and attention they needed to get it right.

Clayton Barton Teaching.jpg

And it worked. They knew exactly where to focus their attention to make the biggest improvements in their art. 


Till this day I’ve never forgotten how valuable it is to have an expert by your side who can support you as you learn. A teacher who cares enough to make sure you really 'get it' - and doesn't leave you in the lurch when you hit a snag.

No feeling stuck anymore, or discouraged. You can make real progress.

That's one of the main reasons I started Mentoring right here on on How to Draw Comics. NET - because I knew the power 1-on-1 coaching had when it came to fast tracking your abilities.


Imagine seeing the flaws in your art disappear, drawing after drawing, each time getting closer to the ideal outcome you’ve been striving for. The pride you’d feel when your art finely measures up against the work of your idols.


Or scoring gig after gig, never short on commissions, being paid to pursue your greatest passion in life?


Maybe you’re like me and you just want the freedom to make your own comics, out of your home studio, on your own terms, to a schedule you choose - and have those comics sell like hotcakes because they look so damn good!


Whatever it is that’s driving you to become the best comic artist you can possibly be, critical feedback tailored to you and your work is the one thing I truly believe holds the key to your success.

You're Reading This For a Reason


You know your characters need work, and you want to see them improve. So you know the level of ability you’re at now, and you probably know what level of ability you want to have. 


There’s just one thing left to consider. How are you going to get there? Well today I’m giving you that opportunity, a chance to have the one thing that can make a real difference…

Character Creator Workshop Banner 1 - x1000.jpg

HTDC’s Character Creator Workshop gives you a step by step method for drawing, designing and refining your own comic book characters, with every component of the process broken down and demonstrated for you real-time.


But what really sets the Character Creator Workshop apart is that I’ll be there to personally coach you the entire way through - to help you implement everything I’m teaching, to offer critiques, catch your mistakes, provide you with draw overs and to give you advice on key areas of improvement.


That's right. This is the full package. When you enroll in the Character Creator Workshop today you'll get a complete character production workflow, broken down and explained in full - plus in-depth feedback to ensure you know exactly what to focus on to see real improvement in your work.

An Immersive Learning Experience


The Character Creator Workshop is a short but intensive LIVE program,  where you’ll get years of experience and knowledge downloaded into your brain over the course of just 3 days - complete with critiques and feedback from a trained professional. 


On day one we'll cover the basics - character construction, proportions, anatomy, and posing so that you've got all the tools you need to reinforce your characters with a sturdy foundation.


Then I’ll show you how to provoke your creativity to spawn a selection of unique and interesting ideas for your characters. You'll discover the key roles silhouette, shape and design architecture play in conjuring up a memorable concept - and from there we'll create a collection of thumbnail sketches that you'll take with you into the next session.

Character Creator Workshop - Art 09.jpg


With solid grip on the fundamentals, and your kick-ass character idea now in hand, I’ll take you step-by-step through the very same workflow I use to illustrate characters on a daily basis. It's simple, straight forward, and designed to give the characters you draw the very best chance of success.

You'll build your character with a solid foundation, providing them with a striking pose that exudes personality and liveliness. Then we'll overlay the anatomy on top - positioning, sizing and scaling each muscle group to the desired proportions of your character.


And then comes the finishing touches - slick, sharp and streamlined contours, carefully weighted to describe your character with vivid shape. We'll discuss lighting, rendering and style. Then add the final polish to achieve a professional finish.

Character Creator Workshop - Art 08.jpg



Here’s the best part - the one thing that sets this program apart from anything else you'll find elsewhere…


Day 3 is dedicated to you. Answering your questions, solving your challenges, and obstacles. Giving you the feedback, advice and direction you need to take your characters to the next level. 


This includes draw overs and examples so you can see the precise ways in which your characters can be improved.

Character Creator Workshop - Feedback and Critique.jpg

When you book in for the Character Creator Workshop

you'll join a LIVE class of just 9 other students and myself. 

Which means you’ll learn from their experiences and their mistakes, as well as your own - multiplying your learning power by 10 fold.

Working with such a small class of motivated, driven learners means I'm able to give you the attention, guidance and feedback needed to ensure this Workshop works for you.

What you're getting with the Character Creator Workshop is an intimate, and highly interactive learning experience that will fully engage you - where you'll be putting my best methods and techniques to work, and observing their immediate impact on your character art.


By the end of every session you'll actually have something to show for it.

Each session is held LIVE over Restream and is limited to 9 students max!



The class runs through your Chrome web browser so there's no need to install any third party software or plugins. I'll email you a direct link to join the call on the day the workshop class is scheduled to start, just click that and you're in!


Because the Workshop is LIVE, you'll be able to ask me questions and get as much direction as you need to ensure everything you're learning really sinks in and you're able to apply it correctly. 


I've purposely limited student numbers so that I'm able to give you personalized feedback on your work and gage your progress closely throughout the Character Creator Workshop. My top priority is for you to succeed.

So as an added bonus, you'll also get access to the HTDC Inner Circle - a private Facebook Group dedicated to HTDC students.


You'll be able to post homework, get feedback from me and other students, as well as ask questions. Best of all, you'll be part of a motivated group of artists who are driven to develop their drawing skills, and help others to do the same.

Heads and Faces Workshop - Supported Learning.jpg

At no point will you be left hanging, unsure of what to do or how to do it.

In fact, an entire hour will be dedicated to answering your questions at the end of every session to help you overcome any obstacles you might run into along the way. That includes draw-over critiques as well!

LIVE in-person training is what sets this workshop apart from most other courses that focus on character creation.

Every student will receive a video recording of the Character Creator Workshop sessions so that you can go back and re-watch the classes as many times as you'd like.


That's right - even though these are LIVE, interactive sessions, you get to download and keep them as video files for playback, just like any other online course.

And just to sweeten the deal, you'll also get access to a resource folder full of anatomy diagrams and slides for you to reference whenever you need them.

After you’ve gone through The Character Creator Workshop, you’ll have an in-depth knowledge on what goes into drawing awesome characters that look bad-ass and leave a lasting impact.

You’ll have crystal clear clarity on how to improve your characters, all doubts about how to proceed vanquished - and complete confidence that if you work on the key areas I’ve brought to your attention, you’ll see a massive leap in the quality of your character illustrations.


The greatest gift I’ll be giving you in this workshop is mass momentum, during and after our time together. I want to fast track your learning so you can finely start drawing the kind of characters you always dreamed of drawing. More than anything else I want you to see results.


And if you’ve hit a plateau, if you’re lost, or unable surpass the same challenges that keep knocking you on your back again and again - I’ve made The Character Creator Workshop for you.


Your progress needn’t be stifled any longer. The next level is closer than ever, because today is the day you take massive action. 

Perfect 10 And American Bliss - Low Res.jpg

Here's What To Do Next


If you want to draw characters with confidence now to is the time to take action. Get in NOW to secure your spot in the upcoming Character Creator Workshop.

A training package like this is easily worth $600+. That's more than a fair investment cost for three days of LIVE in person tutoring. But maybe not one that's affordable for you right now.

I don't want money to be an issue, and I don't want you to miss out on this. 

The entire Character Creator Workshop is normally $298. But if you enroll now, you'll get it ALL for half price.

That’s one simple payment of $149.

Just click the blue button below and claim your spot right away.

Here's What Else You're Getting When You Enroll Today


If the 50% discount isn’t enough to get you to take action on this game-changing opportunity, these exclusive bonuses sure will. When you book into the Character Creator Workshop today for 50% OFF you'll also receive:

Figure Drawing Foundations - Proportions.jpg

Figure Drawing Fundamentals: Proportions

Making sure your characters are measured up accurately is key to their success - and almost always if there's an underlying issue that’s messing up their anatomy you can bet it’s got something to do with bad proportions. That’s why this is the best complimentary program I can think to include with your enrollment into the Character Creator Workshop. A program that ensures your characters are constructed with a solid foundation that gives them the best chance of success.

Character Creator Superheroines.jpg

Comic Book Character Creator: Superheroines

You’ll also receive a copy of Comic Book Character Creator: Superheroines - a course that shows you not only how to draw female comic book characters, but how to ink and color them too. You’ll see three separate examples of my character creation method demonstrated throughout this training, each step broken down with in-depth explanation. The perfect reference for you to refresh your memory on the character creation workflow you’ll learn throughout the Character Creator Workshop.

How To Draw Comics Inner Circle.jpg

Exclusive VIP Access To the HTDC Inner Circle

What if you could get continual feedback on your characters beyond the Character Creator Workshop? The HTDC Inner Circle gives you exactly that. It’s an exclusive Facebook Group of likeminded artists and instructors who constantly help one another to improve. If you’re looking for accountability, insight, inspiration and advice - the HTDC Inner Circle is the place to be and when you book in for the Character Creator Workshop today I’ll send you a personal invitation to join. 

Why You Should Book In Now


Since I can only let 9 students into the Character Creator Workshop at a time, spots are very limited.


The reason these classes are kept so small is so that you're able to receive the attention and feedback you need to get the most out of this training program.


I'm going to work alongside you to make sure you fully understand the strategies used to draw dynamic, comic book characters, and how to apply them.

Over 3 days you'll see a progressive improvement in the characters you draw - but only if you book in now.


The Character Creator Workshop runs once a month, and if it fills up before you get a chance to book, you'll have to wait until the month after to take advantage of this opportunity.

Are you a dabbler, or are you serious about honing your craft and becoming pro comic book artist?


Then don't delay your learning. There is nothing better to invest in than your passion - and if you know this is an area you could be doing better in, then you owe it to yourself.

You could put this off till next month, or ignore this opportunity altogether. But where will that get your abilities? More off looking characters, with odd proportions that don't quite look right?

Character Creator Workshop - Art 10.jpg

When You Secure Your Spot in The Character Creator Workshop You'll Receive:

✎ A confirmation e-mail with the times and dates the Workshop will be held

✎ Personalized feedback, guidance and questions answered at the end of each session

✎ A downloadable video recording of the complete Character Creator Workshop

✎ Access to Character Creation resources including slides and diagrams for you to keep as reference

✎ Figure Drawing Foundations: Proportions - the must have course when it comes to figure drawing fundamentals.

✎ Character Creator: Superheroines - my complete character creation workflow revealed in one tidy package

✎ Access to the HTDC Inner Circle Facebook Group where you can post homework, ask questions and get feedback

✎ 30 day money back guarantee if you feel I haven't delivered above and beyond


But you need to act now because these Workshops fill up fast! - sometimes just hours after they launch. No pressure, but that's literally what happens and I don't want you to miss out on this.


So if you're seeing this offer right now, and you think it might be just what you need to boost your character drawing abilities, don't wait, get in while you can. Spots are limited, and if the Character Creator Workshop is open now, it won't be for much longer.


Click the button below and claim your spot in the Character Creator Workshop today. The 50% discount and the free bonuses are gone once all spots are filled - or the timer hits zero.

Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

I want to talk to the artists out there that have tried everything and are still feeling stuck. The artists who've bought every book and course under the sun, watched every Youtube video on character illustration, read all the tutorials… but still aren’t where they want to be. 

I know exactly how you feel. I did all that stuff too, and I want you to know I’ve got your back.

If by the end of the Character Creator Workshop you feel like you haven't improved as much as you'd hoped, I’ll personally give you a full refund, no questions asked.


That means if you're not 100% satisfied with this Workshop, you could do the entire thing and still get your money back.

I'm taking on all the risk for you here. The worst that can happen is you get a free workshop.

This is the fairest way I know, to back the value you'll get from the Character Creator Workshop. I believe in this training package and the results you'll see from taking it mean something to me.


So if I don't deliver on what’s promised, I don’t want to keep your money.


I'll take the hit if this doesn't work out. You've got everything to gain and nothing to lose by enrolling in the Character Creator Workshop right now, today.

Superheroines Money Back Guarentee.png

Are You Ready?


You can’t go wrong here. This really is the one thing that can take your character drawings to a new level… fast.


So book your spot right now. Remember - you’re saving 50% and you’re getting three bonuses free when you join the Character Creator Workshop today.

After you’ve booked your spot for the Character Creator Workshop, you'll get a confirmation e-mail.

Cyber Spectre.jpg

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a webcam to participate in the Character Creator Workshop?

A: Not at all! While a webcam could add a more visual element to our interactions, it's not essential for your participation or your learning process in the workshop. The key to this workshop is your active engagement, which can easily be achieved through voice chat or text. Remember, the most important thing is your work and the progress you make in your character creation skills. We're here to support and guide you, webcam or not.

Q: What are the minimum requirements to participate in the Character Creation Workshop?

A: The Character Creator Workshop is designed to be inclusive for various skill levels. Here are the minimum requirements for participating:

  • Basic Drawing Skills: You should have a foundational understanding of drawing to get the most out of this workshop. But remember, you don't need to be an expert! We'll be covering lots of fundamentals during the workshop.

  • Art Supplies/Software: Depending on your preference, you'll need either traditional drawing materials (like pencils, paper, and erasers) or a digital drawing tool (like a tablet and stylus) along with a software like Photoshop or Procreate.

  • Time Commitment: As this is a live three-day workshop, you'll need to be available to attend all sessions. Don't worry if you miss something; all sessions will be recorded so you can revisit any concepts at your own pace.

  • Internet Connection: A stable internet connection is essential to attend the live sessions and to interact with the instructor and fellow students.

  • Microphone/Webcam: Having a microphone for voice chat can enhance your learning experience, allowing for clearer communication during feedback sessions and promoting a more interactive learning environment. However, it's not a mandatory requirement. A webcam is also optional.

  • Open Mind & Positive Attitude: Be ready to learn, make mistakes, and grow. This workshop is all about improvement, so come with enthusiasm and be open to receiving and giving constructive feedback.

Remember, you don't need a webcam or even a microphone to participate effectively. Engaging via voice chat or text is entirely adequate. We're here to support you, regardless of your setup.

Q: How long does the Character Creator Workshop last?

A: The Character Creator Workshop is a short but intensive 18 hour program spread over three days. Each day is filled with in-depth instruction, practical work, and personalized feedback sessions.

Q: Who will be instructing the workshop?

A: The workshop will be led by Clayton Barton, an experienced professional who has extensive knowledge and practical experience in character creation for comics and video games.

Q: Will I get any one-on-one feedback during the workshop?

A: Absolutely! On the third day of the workshop, Clayton will provide individual feedback on your character illustrations, offering detailed guidance on how to improve and enhance your work.

Q: Is the workshop suitable for beginners?

A: Yes, the workshop is designed to guide participants from the basics of constructing and posing characters to advanced techniques of character design. Whether you're a beginner or an intermediate artist seeking to refine your skills, the workshop will be beneficial.

Q: What if I miss a session or want to revisit a lesson?

A: No worries! The entire workshop will be recorded and you will have lifetime access to these materials. You can revisit the lessons and feedback sessions as many times as you need.

Q: Will there be any group activities or discussions?

A: Yes, you will be part of a small, intimate group of learners. Not only will this provide a collaborative and enriching learning environment, but it also allows for sharing experiences, learning from others' mistakes, and enhancing your own creative process.

Q: How will this workshop help improve my character illustrations?

A: This workshop aims to provide an in-depth understanding of character construction, anatomy, and design. With personalized coaching, individual feedback, and group learning, you will gain insights into key areas of improvement, stimulate creativity, and learn practical techniques to significantly level up the quality of your character drawings.

Q: What happens after the workshop? Will I continue to receive guidance?

A: The recorded sessions of the workshop will always be accessible to you for revisiting lessons. While the direct guidance concludes with the workshop, the insights, techniques, and feedback you receive will continue to guide your future illustrations. Furthermore, the learning from the workshop is designed to build self-critique skills and problem-solving abilities, aiding your independent progress.

Q: Do I need any specific materials or software for this workshop?

A: Once you've signed up for the workshop, you'll receive a detailed list of recommended materials or software. The workshop is designed to accommodate a range of mediums, both digital and traditional.

Q: What if I am not able to complete a character design in the given time?

A: The aim of the workshop is to help you learn and grow at your own pace. If you're unable to complete a character design during the designated time, you can always complete it later and use the recorded feedback sessions and teaching materials as a reference.

Q: How many people will be in each workshop session?

A: We maintain a small, intimate group of students for each workshop to ensure that everyone gets enough attention and personalized feedback. The exact number may vary, but we always strive to keep the group size optimal for an enriching learning experience.

Q: Will there be assignments or homework outside of the live sessions?

A: While the bulk of the learning and practice happens during live sessions, there might be small exercises or tasks to perform in your own time to better internalize the lessons learned.

Q: Can I take this workshop if my primary interest is not comic book characters?

A: Yes! While the workshop focuses on comic book characters, the principles and techniques taught are applicable to any type of character design, including those for video games, animations, novels, and more.

Q: Do I need to have a character idea before the workshop starts?

A: Not at all. Part of the workshop involves provoking your creativity and helping you come up with unique and interesting ideas for your characters.

Q: Can I sign up for the workshop from any location?

A: Yes, as long as you have a good internet connection, you can join the Character Creation Workshop from anywhere in the world. The workshop is conducted in English, so a basic understanding of the language is necessary to fully benefit from the program.


There are no magic pills. Being a great comic book artist can only be achieved through hard work, patience and consistent practice. Our Workshops aim to give you the roadmap, but you still need to apply the steps and guidance given to you. We only want serious people who are motivated, willing to put in the effort, and committed to honing their craft. Without the necessary actions taken on your behalf, we cannot guarantee that you'll get results from our advice, techniques or strategies.

We want to help you along your journey by providing feedback, guidance and actionable steps. You should know that HTDC's Workshops are for educational and informative purposes only. Nothing on this page or our site is a promise of your future success as a comic book artist. Any examples of art or video referenced here are illustrative concepts only and should not be considered average, exact or promised outputs of future performance.


Contact me at if you have any questions or concerns about HTDC's Workshops - And I’ll be happy to answer them for you!



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