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In today’s Comic Art Deconstruction I’m sharing with you a quick break down of the process I used to create this vicious looking vixen – a rather exotic interpretation of the whip wielding kitty cat we all know and love. 

At the time I was going through a faze where I wanted to create a series of re-designs for popular bat-man characters that were a little more dark and gritty. Sadly the faze was fairly short lived and this is about as far as I got.

The theme of this design in particular was a deadly cocktail of allure, dominance, and potent sassiness. What more could you ask for in a villainess?

She was great to work on, and truth be told I really did fall in love with the design. I certainly wouldn’t mind turning her into an actual character for a Comic of my own someday… along with all the other characters I’ve designed… Pretty sure I’ve racked up an entire Comic Book universe at this point.

I hope you enjoy the 6 part walk through – as with the previous Comic Art Deconstruction I posted up, I went for a more painterly aesthetic for the coloring, and I loved the result. This was the third time I’d put it into practice and I’d gotten a real feel for balancing out the contrast to give the piece a nice Comic Book feel.

 In other news – You might have notice that the Proportions Lesson never came out!

Here’s why:

I’m horrible at anticipating how long everything’s going to ACTUALLY take to get done…  

The night before the initial deadline I stayed up all night, totally convinced I was going to get it all done and sent out to you.

The core E-Book and Video Lesson were all ready to go too! Video Recordings, PSD Files, HD Images, Proportions Templates, even the Virtual Comic Art Classroom I managed to get done and ready to roll out.

The only thing holding things up was the Proportions Workshop I decided to do for you last minute! A FIVE HOUR realtime workshop covering:

How to fit and compose multiple figures in the same frame

How to keep your characters in proportion when drawing them in perspective

And how to understand the human figure as form so that you can draw it from multiple angles.


- that you can literally follow along with a pencil and sketchbook.

So it's worth the wait… And luckily, they’re very close to being done now.

The crazy thing was that after pulling this epic all-nighter – I got a call from my Co-Ordinator telling me I had a 5 hour class in just a few hours to go and teach – the first live class of the year!


No time to sleep – showered, guzzled down a red bull to get that twinkle back in my eye and I was ready to go!

It was a great class, filled with lots of talented students who were all happy to be there. And despite wanting to find a dark corner to have a snooze in the entire time – my dashing good looks and charisma never fails to help me put on a good show!

Anyway – turns out I’m not actually a cybernetic organism. That night I was out like a light – Slept 10 whole hours! And boy did I need it.

Anyway, I better get back to work – stay tuned and keep an eye on your inbox – because I’ll be sending the Lesson straight to you as soon as I’ve got it uploaded.

If you’re not on the VIP list – you’re lucky because there’s still time to sign up!:

Again, enjoy the Comic Art Deconstruction – and keep on creating! :D



Comic Deconstruction #5 - The Crimson Cat

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