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This dude is a fine example of just how influenced by the 90’s Comic era I really was… You’ve got the shoulder pads, the pouches, the arms… And a fierce pony tail to boot. What more could you ask for?

The interesting thing about the creation of Knox was his design process. You can see in the second panel of the Comic Art Deconstruction, how I actually used flat tonal values to help me separate and experiment with the shapes of his various costume components. 

This is a similar approach to creating concept art, where a design is created from the silhouette of a character … except this time I went a level deeper and built his entire costume piece by piece, using silhouettes to flesh out the shape of each element. 

It’s a great exercise for unhinging your creativity and giving yourself the freedom to experiment. 

From there onward I followed my usual Comic Art method to the T, refining the pencils into a highly polished line drawing (though these days I don’t bother with that, I just jump straight from the sketch to the final inks – major time saver!)

Then of course, inked and colored. Sadly, he took a lot longer to wrap up than I’d intended too. But I’m thankful for that because since then, my workflow has sped up in leaps and bounds. And I think the key really was letting go of the need to be perfect, and to quite analysing the process every step of the way.

Because it’s at that point you remember what it’s like to actually have fun drawing, instead of being so critical of yourself. 

I hope you enjoy the break down, and glean at least a few pearls of insight from the brief, but to the point descriptions I’ve written for each step…

Click the link above to DOWNLOAD the high resolution version of the Knox Comic Deconstruction from HTDC. 

Also – check out the site’s Store page, I’ve thrown up a bunch of FREE content and comic creating resources – one of which includes HD Wallpaper Download of Knox.  

Thanks, and keep on creating Comic Artisans!


Comic Deconstruction #3 - Knox

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