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Welcome to HTDC's Online Comic Book Store. Here you'll discover original comic book titles you won't find in your local newsagent. They aren't branded with corporate logos or owned by anyone else but their creators - and that's what makes them special. The characters and universes these stories take place in are brought to you direct from the imagination of the independent creators behind them. If you're looking for some new and unique, build your new comic book collection today, beginning with these titles. 

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HTDC's Independent Creator Initiative serves to revolutionize the comic book industry by supporting and promoting a new wave of independent creators. HTDC strives to help aspiring artists hone their abilities so they've got all they need to go out and produce their very own comic books. But we'd also like to help your comics reach a wider audience and makes more sales. If you're an independent comic book creator we'd love to help promote your book to a wider audience. To find out how to submit your comic for review, click below:

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