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Need some easy to follow, step-by-step drawing lessons? Look no further... Check out these free drawing tutorials and gain the knowledge you need to improve your comic art skill-set.

Gesture Drawing
In this tutorial, I'll present you with everything you need to know to start gesture drawing effectively, and how to then apply it to making awesome comics that explode with energy.
How to Draw Ears
Out of all the parts of the human head, I think drawing the ear is one of my favorites. I’ll bet by the end of this tutorial I’ll convince you that the ear is one of the most fun features to draw too.
How to Draw Facial Expressions
The emotional spectrum is vast and memorable. So as storytellers, how do we tap into this power of connection with the audience? You guessed it: facial expressions.
How to Draw a Mouth
A major part of drawing a face is accurately rendering the mouth.
For this tutorial we will be focusing on only drawing a neutral mouth with a still expression.
How to Draw Noses
Today, we will learn about how to draw a nose and understand how to effectively render them for comics. First off, this tutorial will break down the structure of our nose anatomy.
How To Draw Eyes
Eyes are actually very simple to draw and they follow the same rules as all the rest of anatomy and with some practice they'll become a huge asset in your artistic fundamentals.
Making Comics
This detailed guide will streamline the process for making a comic book and serve as your go to reference for not only drawing comics but writing, publishing and promoting them.
Placing Figures In Perspective
It is not enough to be able to draw well-drafted figures and environments. You must be able to place these figures in the environments at the right perspective.
Three Point Perspective
While one point and two point perspective setups give an artist a very solid ground on which to build their world, a three point perspective pushes that foundation.
Two Point Perspective
Drawing with perspective can be a daunting task for someone who hasn’t delved into the art of it for very long.
One Point Perspective
What is perspective? In general, it means having a certain viewpoint. For an artist, it means how to show a 3D object on the 2D plane (your drawing).
The Mannequin Model
When it comes to drawing well proportioned, foreshortened comic book characters in perspective, there’s one thing you’ll need above all else – a sturdy foundation to build them upon.
Learn how to draw people in proportion as you discover the proportional relationships throughout the human body that will help you size up your characters correctly.
Heads In Perspective
Learn how to draw the human head from a variety of unique angles and perspectives using a simple building block structure.
Male Heads - Front View
Learn how to draw the head of a heroic male comic book character. Drawing your own comic book characters has never been easier!
Male Heads - Side View
Welcome to the second chapter in the how to draw heads series. In this tutorial you'll learn how to draw the heroic male head side on!
Male Head - 3/4 Angle
Learning how to draw superhero heads from the front and side is perfect practice for the general proportions and placement of the facial features.
Female Heads - Front View
In the third chapter of the how to draw heads series you'll learn how to draw beautiful, powerful and sexy women.
How To Draw Hair
Learn how to draw hair for all your comic book characters with this simple three step technique. Now you can create and shape any style of hair you like!
How To Draw a Glock Handgun
Whether you have a cunning anti-hero or a crew of bank robbers, sometimes stories call for you, the artist, to draw convincing guns.
Sci-Fi Sports Car
In this tutorial I will walk you through, step-by-step, the process of drawing a powerful, sci-fi sports car.
Sci-Fi Sport Motorcycle
When studying the art of comic storytelling, I would rank drawing believable vehicles as a high priority.
Script To Inks
Comics. They exist in myriad forms and can be found throughout the world.
Papa Pig
When it comes to drawing Monsters and Creatures our creativity is no longer confined to the conventional rules of anatomy and proportion
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Comic Art Tips, Tricks And Step-By-Step Breakdowns


Get in-depth insight into the anatomy of a comic book illustration with Step-By-Step Breakdowns that walk you through the entire process. Learn and apply the nuances that brings comic art to life with tips and tricks designed specifically to broaden your knowledge in the craft of comic book creation. 

Comic Art Deconstruction -
Comic Construction Breakdown - Guyllion
Comic Art Deconstruction - Knox
Comic Art Deconstruction - Mecharna
The Crimson Cat
Comic Art Deconstruction - The Crimson Cat
Get Emotional
Comic Art Quick Tip - Get Emotional
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