Aug 16, 2018

Hi guys, some work in progress I'll get the swords fixed and will think on doing somme background just to put more life into the peace





Aug 17, 2018

Awesome stuff @Sphinx Wojerz, so much detail in this. I like your rendering style, reminds me a lot of David Finch. You planning on inking/coloring this one up?

Aug 17, 2018

I am thinking that maybe someone will be able to do it if I get it finished This week but would love to see it in colour . Thank you very much (: I mean its good chance for someone to train their skills. I think I won't have enough time to do it myself (:

Aug 11

Heavy piece... but the front frontshell is to human not turtle like!!! About big like for this art.....people'S in the half shell..🐢POWER!!!》😄👍

Aug 12

Really nice work, can't wait to see the finished piece.

This style of shading is exquisite! Love it!

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  • Hello Guys, I have been out of the art/ drawing game for some time and have recently made a solid commitment to put down work everyday. That being said, I am super excited to have found this forum! I have recently been taking several of the HTDC courses with the goal of focusing on and revisiting my fundamentals such as proportion, Anatomy(ironically I teach Anatomy at the college level) as well as shapes, perspective form and space. Below I have attached some of my recent sketches/ studies. Please feel free to comment or critique as my goal is to improve. Thanks!
  • Hi ! Am trying to create some bad ass female character with exagerated curves. She is Abyss (his name ^^) Higly inspired from warcraft elves (i have no imagination =() But it remains some details (cosmic landscape maybe if i have the skill for haha, etc...)
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