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Apr 19, 2017

This community is a place for aspiring Comic Book, Manga and Concept Artists to improve their dynamic drawing abilities. POST WORK IN PROGRESS What are you working on at the moment? Your work doesn't
Sep 19

Aug 10

Aug 10

Jun 1

Getting back into the rhythm with a male body study today. Been drawing the ladies for so long that I'm all out of practice. There were a few practice runs that came before this, as I re-familiarized
Mar 4

Jun 10, 2018

Pretty sure these gals' looks won't undergo much more change. Asked friends, asked strangers, most people thought they were lovely so, I feel confident 8)! Made in Paint Tool SAI, need to get PS or Cl
Oct 19

Aug 20

Hi ! Am trying to create some bad ass female character with exagerated curves. She is Abyss (his name ^^) Higly inspired from warcraft elves (i have no imagination =() But it remains some details (cos
Aug 10

Aug 10

So I posted this in the facebook group a couple weeks ago, and figured it may be more useful here. I haven't colored this piece, so its not finished, but I don't think I will. I do think its important
Apr 4

For the last few weeks I've had a plot brewing in the back of my mind for a short comic book series I'd like to create - someday! This was a rough idea I scribbled out this afternoon for one of the k
Jan 27

Jun 10, 2018

It`s a WIP I`m working on...I have made it in Photoshop CS4 to get again familar with photoshop tools. I made a thumbnail sketch,which I made bigger and drawed about it without Grid or ruler functio
Oct 19

Hello Guys, I have been out of the art/ drawing game for some time and have recently made a solid commitment to put down work everyday. That being said, I am super excited to have found this forum! I
Aug 10

Aug 10

Aug 10

Mar 22

Hi Mr Barton, I've enrolled your course on Udemy. Finished the Hero Proportion course, really helps me out. many thanks!!! I've started this Hero Girl/woman. any feedback would be appreciated. at thi
Nov 14, 2018

need tips on head proportions and features
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