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Jan 27

1. For the podcast I strongly suggest interviewing Ethan Van Sciver. He's an amazing artist known for drawing a lot of the important Green Lantern stories written by Geoff Johns. Such as https://en.w
Jan 15, 2018

im starting in drawings im already trying practising poses but i wanna try and learn andrew loomis head drawing you only find a few head direction but i wanna find all the head direction
Apr 23, 2018

Hi there! I really love this website and the idea of having a forum to share and comment.I checked every topic but I could not find anything related to sel-publishing. This might not be the right plac
Apr 22, 2017

Love the idea of this site having a forum. Any ideas of adding a "looking for..." forum to link artists together for paid work?
Jan 21, 2018

I like the community a lot, although I haven't been here for a while. But facebook, deviantart etc. is very time consuming and I have tried the last weeks to focus on drawing. I thinking it is a good
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