Apr 21, 2017

Paid Work & Commission Rules (Read Carefully)


This is the PAID Jobs forum. That means 'PAID' job-listings and advertisements only. Failure to adhere to these rules will mean immediate deletion of your post and the likely suspension of your account.


If you are posting an ad here, make sure you adhere to the following:

  • You must post how much you are paying. This needs to be the exact page rate, or total paid for the entire job. If it is the later, you need to describe the specifics of the entire job.

  • If you have an initial offer but are willing to negotiate, you can post that (eg: "I am offering X.XX, but the rate is negotiable). But you must post some specific rate to start with.

  • You must post payment terms for the job.

  • This means you must explain how people must invoice or voucher for the job (you must supply vouchers/invoice info directly to the artist when the job starts).

  • How you will pay (for example: via PayPal)

  • How many days after completion of the job, or part of the job as defined in your offer, a person will be paid (eg: payment in full after NET 30 days). Don't just say "upon completion." Tell people the specific time frame they can expect payment after the work is completed and submitted to you.

  • What constitutes completion of the job (eg: submission of the final completed page via e-mail in 300 dpi LZW-compressed TIF format, etc)

  • You must include all of your contact details. People may PM you if you do not specify to the contrary. So be specific about how you want people to contact you.

  • References about yourself are required so people can verify your reputation. This means links to sites where your information can be verified as well as a listing of your credits, your name, etc so your background via Google searches or other means.

  • Be specific about what you want from the job. (eg: If you're looking for a penciller, give them a summary of what the job is and how it will be presented visually. If you're looking for a colorist, post a sample page so they can see what artwork they will be coloring. Etc)

  • No backend, profit-sharing or trade-for-services job offers allowed! You can offer that as a bonus when you talk to the artist directly, but your posted offer must be a set rate!

Job listings are checked on a regular basis to ensure the best user experience. Please report any violations.

hey clayton, i was wondering if i can post my services here on the job forum? i'm looking for payed work.

Jan 19

Of course Greg, go ahead.

New Posts
  • Hello, my name is Gregory Barone and i'm a freelance artist looking for assignments.i can draw anything from realistic, cartoon, and anime/manga. Attached you’ll find several sample pages of some of my recent sequential artwork. my creative ideas and love of using art to convey a visual image is what you are looking for. While these are pencil samples, I”m also skilled in inking and coloring, utilizing both traditional and digital processes, according to the needs of you the client and job at hand. Previous credits include work for the G.I.Joe Fan Comic, created for Rising Sun Comics. my page rate is as follows, $5-$20 per page for coloring pending on style, $10-$25 per page for digital ink work pending on complexity of the art, $20-$35 per page for drawing/inking pages of your comic. I hope to work with you soon! please contact me to see more of my art.
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