Jun 8, 2017

Supes in the Rain

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Hey everyone. Quick intro - about a year ago, out of the blue, I decided it would be cool to learn how to draw.  I could tell my family thought it was a bit weird - and fair enough too, as I had barely ever picked up a pencil before, never took art at high school.. nothing.  So not surprisingly my drawings were truly horrible. I got myself a sketchbook and pencils and did as much practice as time would allow (which is never as much as I'd like, but that's just how it is with two kids and a full time job..).  A few months later I bought a second hand tablet and so have also been learning the software side of it too.  I have only now attempted to do a complete piece (rendered, colored etc) as I have been giving priority to, you know... learning how to draw first!  I feel a bit sheepish posting on this page as there are so many professionals, or aspiring professionals here.  But the thing is, although I'm not looking to do it as a career - I'm still deeply motivated to succeed with this.  I really want to prove to myself I can do it.  And who knows, it would be great to get to the point where I could sell some prints or do the odd commission.

So anyway, here it is. The Last Son of Krypton getting ready to kick some butt on a rainy Metropolis night.  It's not great, but ya gotta start somewhere! Comments and critiques very welcome - I'd be interested to see if they line up with my own misgivings about it. 


Thanks to Clayton for creating this community and sorry for the long boring post! Cheers, Mike.

Jun 10, 2017

Welcome to the Comic Art Community Mike. For someone who only took up drawing over the last year, you've produced a top notch piece of quality work here. Everything from the fundamental construction of the character, the anatomy, to the inks and colors.


You've implemented all of it.


And although it's not all perfect, you've made a mighty fine effort. As I said, to get to this point after only a year of picking up the pencil, you've produced something quite phenomenal. And I mean that!


Feedback-wise, I'd keep an eye on for the anatomy of Superman's Neck. Some of the muscle groups and the overall structure could do with a little more attention - but what I'd prescribe for that is just to have a few good references on hand of the anatomy of the neck to work from.


I still do this! The human body is such a complex machine of muscle that it's near impossible to store it all in memory 100% accurately. It takes time to build up that 'muscle memory' - and the best way to build it is through repetition.


The front of Superman's body is constructed well - you've got the pecks in there, along with the abdominals and lats. It looks like you've got a pretty solid idea as to how everything needs to be constructed within this particular area of the body.


Something that really stands out to me, especially for someone so early on in their artistic development, is how well you've placed in the shadows and rendering. You've done a fantastic job to keep it so balanced and consistent.


The last critique I'll give is just to watch out for the inconsistency of perspective between the backdrop and Superman. Basically we're looking at the two elements from two different perspectives, when they're both part of the same shot. You could say Superman is flying and so could be technically drawn on any perspective you like in comparison to the background, but even then, you'd want it to look obvious that he was flying.


Other than that you've done very well Mike. I look forward to watching you make more and more progress as you continue you posting your work up here. If you're this good after a single year of study and practice, I can only think how much more progress you're going to make in the year to follow.

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