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  • Goliath's Character Sheet is finally complete for Rob Arnold's Replicator The Comic. (Check out the book here: https://igg.me/at/Replicator/x#/) A big draw back for me as an artist is the amount of time it takes to complete something to this level of detail. The rendering is usually what stands out most - but I gotta tell you, it's not a fast process. In fact when I get too carried away, I can be astonishingly slow. Sacrificing quality for speed is a tough call. It's a compromise that challenges the way we think of ourselves as an artist. As a professional working for a client, or large studio a shift in mindset is absolutely necessary. The shame of it is that a certain detachment from your art takes place when you're rushing it to meet a deadline. I don't feel as proud of my work, nor do I care about it as much. It just becomes another product sent off down the conveyor belt. That's why I knew a long time ago that working for a comic book studio wouldn't be anywhere near as fulfilling for me, as putting together my own book. Commissions are a little different. Sometimes there's deadlines, and sometimes there's not. And you can kind of pick and choose the projects you want to jump on board with. Which is why every now and then, I'll partner up with someone like Rob. He had to twist my arm a bit, but eventually I caved. Mostly because the project he was pitching was super cool - and character design is always fun. How could I resist? I'm glad I went the extra mile with Goliath, and I think Rob is also quite happy with the pay off. Goliath was an important character to both of us, so we had to do him justice! For fellow artists out there who are interested in seeing how this guy came together - I've recorded the whole process - so at some point I'll compile all the footage and narrate over the top of it. Parts of it will be published on the How to Draw Comics channel, the rest you'll be able to get on Skillshare. Hope you enjoy the art - thanks for checking it out! -Clayton
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