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Comic Art Class: Color, Value & Lighting

With Ric Bülow, Aaron Bartling & Katie Price

Welcome to another Comic Art Class.

Our Comic Art Classes work a little differently to the regular videos we upload to the HTDC channel. They slightly more special. Here's why.

Each Comic Art Class welcomes a special guest instructor and student, and our host Ric Bülow bring them together for a one on one demonstration, not unlike being in a real classroom, with a real teacher.

The instructor coaches the student on an any number of topics, while also giving you, the viewer a chance to be part of the lecture by listening in and watching the demonstration unfold.

In today's Comic Art Class Ric Bülow is joined by instructor Aaron Bartling and student Katie Price for a lesson on Color, Value and Lighting.

This is Part 1 of the lesson where Aaron discusses the implementation of base colors, values and establishing an overall lighting scheme for your illustration. In Part 2, we'll move progress onto rendering.

I hope you enjoy this new addition of HTDC's Comic Art Class series. Thanks for watching and until next time - keep on drawing!


Check out more of Aaron Bartling's art at:
See Katie Price's work at:


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