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Rapidly Advance Your Drawing Skills And See Consistent Improvement In Your Art

When your art isn't getting better, it can leave you feeling flat and uninspired. There's no one there to guide you, or tell you what to do to fix it. It's just you, trying to figure it out all on your own. Today that changes, when you join How To Draw Comics Academy - where you'll increase your skillset, improve your art consistently and get the support you need to meet your goals.

Join The HTDC Academy To Get:

Live Classes with Real-time Instruction and Feedback: Experience live classes featuring real-time instruction and personalized feedback. 

Weekly Critique Sessions with In-depth Coaching: Uncover hidden mistakes in your art and realize its full potential through detailed draw-overs and expert advice.

Access to a Supportive Community of Aspiring Artists: Immerse yourself in a community of aspiring artists. Receive support, accountability, and shared creativity as members encourage each other to succeed.

You can STILL Save 80% By Joining Before The Timer Hits Zero!

Interactive Live Classes, Critique Sessions & Q&A Each Week

​New, Never Before Seen Content, Added Every Month

​Join a Community of Artists Who Inspire You, & Help Your Art Improve

If Online Drawing Courses Aren't Making Your Art Any Better You're Not Alone!

Without regular interaction and feedback from an instructor, most of us struggle to stay engaged throughout a course - we learn the method, but rarely get coached on how to use it for our own art.

Sure, you can learn a lot from looking over the shoulder of a pro, as they demonstrate their process and explain how it all works... but that's just one part of the equation.


And without that feedback, you can never be sure if you're applying what you've learned correctly.

One that allowed you to improve your art much quicker than a regular course, and kept you hooked throughout the entire process?

Imagine having access to a virtual school, custom made for comic artists, where you can attend real-time drawing classes each week, that show you how to master every aspect of comic book illustration.

Not just that... but you can ask your instructor questions, receive personalized guidance, and immediate feedback on your work! You're never left behind, wondering what to do or how to do it.

And because the classes are Live, you've set aside the time. You're actually there, doing the work, holding yourself accountable... and your art isn't just improving a little bit... it's skyrocketing with such speed you can't believe what you're capable of drawing now.


You're not just sitting there passively anymore - you're fully engaged in a learning experience catered to you, that's designed to meet your needs.


Crazy I know - but really imagine this for a moment. How epic would that actually be if it existed?

...and what if the instructor genuinely wanted you to succeed at drawing? I'm talking about the kind of teacher who would go out of their way to help you out, whenever you got stuck or didn't know how to do something.

Think of the insights you'd gain when they took the time to rework your art, and showed you the exact ways it could be improved - imagine it, a teacher who meets you where you're at instead of the other way around...

Now let's push this even further...

What if you got to learn in the company of other motivated artists who have your back, and are equally as driven as you are to master their craft?


A group of classmates who would push you to pick up the pencil when you're feeling unmotivated to draw, lend you their advice, and help you celebrate your wins - they're your comic art comrades, always there for you, cheering you on.


Wouldn't that be inspiring? With that kind of support and encouragement you'd be more driven, and make faster progress than ever before!​

What If There Was a Better Alternative?

This might seem like a dream scenario... something so unreal it simply couldn't exist. But guess what? It does, right here in the How To Draw Comics Academy.


And you can gain access to it right now.

Because everything I mentioned above is what the HTDC Academy is designed to deliver aspiring comic artists just like you who are committed developing their skill-set to a professional level.


Up until now, this kind of opportunity didn't exist for comic artists. Sure, there's an endless ocean of how-to-draw content scattered across the internet. But nothing that can engage your learning on this level, and give you these kinds of results.

I'm talking about interactive, structured lessons where you put learning into action, and walk away with something to show for it at the end of every class.

You'll be fully engaged in a real-time learning space, where you can ask questions, get feedback, and make consistent progress with your art week in and week out.

There is nothing else out there like the How To Draw Comics Academy.


For the first time, you can take part in a Live learning experience that offers an ongoing stream of structured learning content, continuous support and feedback, and an ever expanding library of lessons, workshops, Q&A's and more - every single month.

A New, Real-Time Learning Experience!

Up To 95% of Students Don't Finish Online Courses, And Here's Why...

REASON #1 - Lack of Teacher Interaction And Feedback

Most drawing courses are way too long, and lets face it, kinda boring. They're a slog to get through. 


Not to mention, some of us have full time jobs to go to, places to be, people to see. Life gets busy. These days you have to be frugal with your time. If you're going to spend it on something, it's got to be worth it!


You want to see real results, in a reasonable amount of time, without your hours being eaten up by unnecessarily long, and repetitive demonstrations. 

And no one can say that you're not 100% committed to mastering your drawing abilities. You've gone out of your way to learn, practice and hone your drawing skills. You're on a mission and you're more serious than most. You intend to draw at an elite level some day, and get paid good money to do it!

But what is the best way to get there? Is another course really the answer?

REASON #2 - There's Just Not Enough Time!

Isn't it time your art got the attention it deserves?

Get Instant Access To The How To Draw Comics Academy

... And Attend These Upcoming Live Classes, Taught To You Realtime. Enhance Your Learning Experience With Personalized Coaching And Feedback

Normally Membership To The Academy Costs $54.00 Per Month, But Today You'll Get Lifetime Access For Just $10 Per Month Using The Discount Code 'ACADEMYFOUNDER'. But You Must Join Before The Timer Ends:

Disclaimer: It's very important to state that this is an extremely limited discount that won't last long. After 30/11/2023 the price will go up to it's market value of $54.00 Per Month ($540.00 for Annual Membership).

The Next Evolution In Online Training For Comic Artists

A New Form of Cutting-Edge Education That's Engaging, Fast And Effective.

The How To Draw Comics Academy offers you an immersive learning experience, that can't be found anywhere else. It's the one place where you can attend Live drawing lessons and interact directly with your instructor, and classmates, real-time.

This is what separates the HTDC Academy from anything else you've ever seen before.

Yes, you'll get in-depth theory and instruction covering every facet of comic book illustration. But unlike most other online learning platforms, The HTDC Academy gives you far more than that. It coaches you on how to apply what you've learned within the context of your own art. 

Here's what that looks like for you...

"Being able to see someone critique you and give you pointers on moving forward with your art is so life changing"

- Jamie (Academy Member)

You're Putting What You Learn Into ACTION...

And getting personalized feedback on your work throughout the process with comprehensive critiques and draw-overs. All your questions are answered, and you get the help you need when you get stuck.

Beyond that, you'll discover a community of like-minded, equally driven artists who are all there for the same reason you are - to drastically level up their skill-set. And they want to see your success, as much as their own, so they'll be there to hold you accountable, give you advice and cheer you on as you learn, grow and create together.

The HTDC Academy provides the solution you've been looking for to improve consistently, with efficiency.

As a bonus, you'll have unlimited access to the HTDC Academy Vault, where you'll discover Live Session Recordings, Lessons, Courses, and an abundance of other comic art resources including worksheets, templates, references, learning plans - and more!

In summery - the HTDC Academy is a Virtual Classroom for comic artists where they can:

Attend Live drawing classes each week, and get personalized guidance to put what they learn into action.

Get in-depth feedback on their art, with critiques and draw-overs

Comic Art Academy Landing Page Background - Vegeta.jpg

Are You Ready To...

Expand your learning with a growing library of content that'll give you the methods and techniques to create stunning comic art. Request the topics you want to learn about most, and watch as the Academy Vault fills with new content that's curated to meet your learning needs. 

Get real-time, personalized guidance with Live On-Air classes, critiques, and Q&A sessions. Interreact with your instructor and classmates, ask the questions you need answers to, overcome the challenges that have been holding you back - and watch your art continuously improve, week after week.

Improve with consistency as you hold yourself accountable inside a community of like-minded, driven artists who all want to see you succeed. Enhance your progress with their feedback, feel motivated by their encouragement and help others with your own insights and experiences.

Ensure the accuracy of your characters with figure drawing breakdowns, anatomy references and proportion charts that are readily available for you to download and print for personal use. 

Draw powerful character designs, awe-inspiring environments and lay out comic book pages with premade templates that'll save you time and hassle. Speed up your process by building your art off a rock solid base you can study and learn from.

Get a constant stream of comic art know-how delivered to you every month.

Why You Should Join HTDC Academy

There's No End To Your Artistic Potential... Unlock it Today

Joining the How To Draw Comics (HTDC) Academy is a transformative step for anyone passionate about drawing comics, offering a wealth of benefits that cater to both beginners and seasoned artists.


Here’s what’s in for you and why joining today is a decision you won't regret:

✎ Comprehensive Learning Resources: The Academy offers an extensive array of educational materials, from detailed video lessons and courses to interactive workshops. These resources cover a broad spectrum of topics in comic book illustration, ensuring that you'll receive a well-rounded education, from fundamental drawing skills to advanced storytelling techniques.

✎ Interactive and Live Learning Experiences: Unlike many online courses that offer only pre-recorded content, HTDC Academy provides live sessions where members can interact with instructors in real-time. This interactive approach to learning forges a deeper understanding of techniques and concepts, with the added benefit of immediate feedback and personalized guidance.

Flexibility and Convenience: Recognizing the diverse schedules of its members, the Academy offers flexible learning options. If you miss a live session, you can access on-demand replays and downloadable content from the HTDC Vault at any time, ensuring you can learn at your own pace and convenience.

A Thriving Community: Membership in the HTDC Academy also means becoming part of a vibrant, supportive community. Here, you can share your work, receive feedback, engage in discussions, and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for comic art.

Regularly Updated Content: The field of comic book illustration is ever-evolving, and so is the Academy’s curriculum. New content is regularly added, ensuring that members always have access to the latest techniques, trends, and industry insights.

Tailored to All Skill Levels: Whether you're a novice just starting or an experienced artist looking to refine your skills, the Academy has something for everyone. The diverse range of courses and resources caters to different skill levels and interests across the board.

Long-Term Investment in Your Artistic Journey: Joining the HTDC Academy is an investment in your artistic growth and career. The skills, knowledge, and connections you gain here can open doors to new opportunities and help you realize your potential as a comic artist.

Joining HTDC Academy today means stepping into a world where learning is continuous, support is constant, and your passion for comic art is shared and nurtured. It’s an opportunity to not only enhance your skills but also to be part of a community that values and fosters artistic growth. With HTDC Academy, you're not just enrolling in a course; you're embarking on a journey to master the art of comics.

Can't Make It To a Live Class? No Sweat - We've Got You Covered!

Flexible Learning With On-Demand Access

You can rest assured that missing a live class or critique session will not hinder your learning experience whatsoever! The Academy has implemented several features to ensure that every member has complete access to the valuable content of these sessions, regardless of their schedule or time zone.

Each live session is recorded and promptly made available for on-demand replay. This means that if you can't attend a session in real time, you can easily watch it later at your convenience.


These replays are not just mere recordings either; they capture the entire essence of the live sessions, including the interactions and discussions between students and instructor, ensuring you don't miss out on any part of the learning experience.

The Live session recordings are also archived in the HTDC Academy Vault. As a member, you have unlimited access to this Vault, allowing you to download and revisit the sessions at anytime. This is particularly beneficial for reinforcing learning, reviewing complex concepts, or practicing at your own pace.

The flexibility offered by the HTDC Academy is a significant advantage, especially if you're balancing other commitments like work, or education. It ensures that your progress in mastering comic art is not spoiled when you can't attend the live sessions.


The Academy's commitment to accessible, flexible learning supports you in consistently advancing your skills and knowledge, making your endeavor as an aspiring comic artist both enjoyable and stress-free.

A Guarantee You Can Trust

Join The HTDC Academy Today, Knowing That your Artistic Growth And Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority

The HTDC Academy is committed to providing the highest quality learning experience for aspiring comic artists. I understand the importance of finding the right educational platform that meets your needs and expectations.


That's why I'm offering a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to all our new members. Here’s what this means for you:

Complete Confidence in Your Purchase: When you sign up for HTDC Academy, you can do so knowing that there's no financial risk involved. I want you to feel secure with your investment in your artistic education.

Full Membership Experience: As a new member, you'll have full access to all the Academy's resources, including comprehensive courses, live sessions, workshops, and our vibrant community of artists, for 30 days.

Refund If Not Satisfied: If, within these 30 days, you decide that HTDC Academy isn't the right fit for your learning needs, you can request a full refund.

Your Feedback Matters: While not required, I greatly appreciate any feedback you can provide on why the Academy didn’t meet your expectations. Your insights are invaluable in helping it improve and evolve.


The Academy's 30-Day Money Back Guarantee reflects my commitment to your satisfaction and success. I believe in the transformative power of this platform and want you to explore all that the HTDC Academy has to offer, knowing that your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Before You Decide To Join...

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE JOINING: If You Have ANY of These Red Flags, The HTDC Academy Is NOT For You...

🚩 Lack of Clear Goals and Vision: If you don't have a clear vision of what you want to achieve as a comic artist, you might find it challenging to benefit from the HTDC Academy. This is a place for those who dream big and have specific goals in mind.

🚩 Inconsistent Commitment: The journey of becoming a skilled comic artist demands consistent effort and dedication. If you're not ready to commit, you won't fully appreciate the Academy's value. Ideal students are those who are eager to invest time and energy into their passion.

🚩 Seeking Quick Fixes: Artistic mastery, especially in comics, is not achieved overnight. If you're looking for instant results without putting in the work, this isn't the place for you. The HTDC Academy welcomes those who understand that great art takes dedication and practice.

🚩 Difficulty Accepting Constructive Criticism: Feedback and critiques are essential for growth. If you find it hard to take on constructive criticism, you may struggle here. Our community thrives on mutual support and constructive feedback.

🚩 Preference for Non-Interactive Learning: If Live, real-time learning experiences aren't something you're eager to attend, the HTDC Academy might not be what you're looking for. Our Academy is ideal for those who thrive in interactive, engaging learning environments - where they can ask questions, receive feedback and get personalized guidance from their instructor.

🚩Unwillingness to Utilize Available Resources: The HTDC Academy offers a range of resources designed to enhance your learning. If you're not motivated to make the most of these opportunities, there's a good chance you won't experience the full benefits. The Academy is perfect for those who seek to explore and use every tool at their disposal.

🚩 Dabbling Without Direction: If you tend to dabble in various hobbies without a focused approach, you might not be prepared to invest yourself in the HTDC Academy's structured learning programs. We're looking for focused individuals who are passionate about comic art and willing to delve deep into this visual storytelling medium.

On The Other Hand...

If you're deeply passionate about drawing comics and are eager to immerse yourself in a dynamic and interactive learning environment, the How To Draw Comics Academy is the perfect place for you.


It's an ideal opportunity for those who are not only enthusiastic about exploring various comic styles and techniques but also committed to honing their craft with dedication and focus.


The Academy thrives with a hands-on, community-oriented approach, making it a great fit for individuals who value networking, sharing experiences, and growing alongside fellow artists.

Whether you're a beginner with big dreams or an experienced artist seeking to refine your skills, HTDC Academy offers a structured, comprehensive curriculum tailored to help you achieve your artistic goals.


With experienced instructors providing professional guidance and a supportive environment that encourages growth through constructive feedback, the academy is your one-way ticket to mastering the art of drawing comics. 


Joining HTDC Academy means more than just learning; it's about being part of a legacy of artists, embarking on a journey where your passion for comics is nurtured and your talents are developed for success.


This is where your artistic aspirations meet opportunity, and where your journey towards becoming a skilled comic artist truly begins.

Drastically Upgrade Your Drawing Abilities

Without Wasting Precious Time, Effort And Money On Disjointed Learning Programs That Don't Deliver Results Or Provide The Support You Need To Succeed. 

When you enroll in the HTDC Academy you'll watch your art improve faster than ever before with real-time coaching, in-depth feedback, and a supportive community of fellow artists who encourage your growth and hold you accountable.

It's the next best thing to having a mentor, who meets you where you're at and designs learning programs centered catered to you!

If you've been unable to set aside the time to work on your art - the HTDC Academy gives you that permission to do so, with Live Classes you can attend every week, as if you were enrolled at a real art school!


By designating a set time to learn, the Academy gives you that external accountability, so that you show up, and do the work, right then and there.

If you've been unmotivated, or fallen into habitual procrastination - the HTDC Academy will reignite you passion through an inspiring community of artists who are constantly posting art, sharing their progress, and helping one another succeed with their own insights and advice.

With the encouragement and support of a dedicated community, to celebrate your wins, and help you push through your greatest challenges - your dreams of drawing at a professional will be brought back into crystal clear focus, as your motivation skyrockets!

If you've hit a plateau with your art, with no idea how to progress - the HTDC Academy can show you the way with comprehensive critique sessions that comb through your art with a fine-toothed comb; revealing the exact areas your can focus on to see maximum improvement.

Your eyes will be open to the technical errors within your art that were completely invisible to you before. The potential of your art will be illustrated right there in front of you, through detailed draw-overs and deep explanation.


This is the kind of educational experience that leaves an impact and leads to real results.

The bottom line is, if you want to draw comics like a pro there's no better place to be than the How To Draw Comics Academy.

"Now that I'm in this academy, I feel a sense of accountability - which is a very helpful motivator." - Matt Nickola (Academy Member)

Just Like a Real Art Academy

Except You Get To Attend It From The Comfort of Your Own Home, At Fraction Of The Cost!

When you join the How to Draw Comics Academy today, you'll receive a personal welcome email from me. It'll confirm that you've successfully subscribed to the Academy and provide you with a direct link to your Academy Dashboard.

After clicking the link you'll be asked to login to the Academy. You'll then have access to the central hub of your learning experience at the HTDC Academy - your dashboard. Here, you'll find an intuitive interface that gives you immediate access to all the resources and features of the Academy.

Here's a break down of exactly what these features are, and how they work...

"Clayton put together exactly the kind of learning experience I've always wanted, to take my art to the next level." Lee Byron Carver

HTDC Academy Live

Your access point for all the Live classes, feedback and critique sessions, Q&A's, drawing jams, and Live Workshops that happen every month in the HTDC Academy.

You'll be presented with a Live video feed where you'll tune into real-time lessons, and directly interact with your instructor and classmates through the Live Chat. 

If you miss a Live Session, no stress! We've got you covered with an On-Demand replay which is available immediately after the Live Session ends, until the next one is scheduled in.


And if you miss the replay, you can download the Live Session recording from the HTDC Academy Vault later on. So you'll never miss out on the content from a single Live Session.

This Live learning experience is built into the Academy platform, which means you don't need to download any third party software, or register on another site to participate. It's all right there, ready to go.

HTDC Academy Community

The central gathering point of every artist in the HTDC Academy. Here you'll discover a forum, featuring multiple categories where you can...

✎ Showcase your art, share your insights and become inspired by your comic art comrades!

✎ Post homework, daily practice studies, and ask for help to overcome your biggest obstacles.

✎ Get insightful feedback and advice from your instructors and peers.

✎ Join our monthly art challenges to push your limits, and keep yourself motivated to create!

✎ Suggest new topics you'd like to learn about, and features you'd like to see in the Academy.

If you've ever wanted to learn, grow, and create together with other artists who understand the journey you are on and share your passion for drawing comics - the HTDC Academy Community gives you that opportunity.

HTDC Academy Vault

The HTDC Academy vault stores downloadable recordings of every Live Session ever aired in the Academy. So even if you never make it to a single Live Session, you'll still have unlimited to access to them on demand. Inside the Vault you'll also discover a collection of:


Video Lessons: These are engaging and informative sessions where you can watch and learn about specific comic art topics and techniques at your own pace. Each lesson is designed to be easy to follow and helps in building your skills progressively, from basic techniques to more complex concepts. advanced artists.

Comprehensive Courses: These courses offer in-depth exploration into specific areas of comic art. They are structured to provide a thorough understanding of each subject, ranging from drawing fundamentals and character design to narrative development - ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.

Invaluable References: This section includes a variety of reference materials, such as anatomy diagrams, style guides, page layouts and examples of professional work. 

Useful Templates: Templates can be a significant time-saver and aid in maintaining consistency in your work. These include panel layouts, character design sheets, and thumbnail templates, helping streamline the creative process and maintaining a professional standard in your work.


All of which have been carefully curated to advance your comic art skill-set. From fundamental drawing principles to next-level storytelling techniques, you'll find a variety of topics to explore and master.

The Vault holds an expansive library of learning resources that grows larger every month, as new content is added.


Here's the best part - as a HTDC Academy member, you can request the content you'd like to learn about most! With your suggestions, the Academy Vault will grow into a rich repertoire of comic art know-how that serves your learning needs as an artist.


And when you sign up to the HTDC Academy today, you'll get complete access to all of it.

Here's what you'll experience with HTDC Academy Live!

✎ Live Classes: Participate in real-time classes covering a wide range of topics in comic art. Experience interactive learning with immediate feedback.

Feedback and Critique Sessions: Get personalized feedback on your work. These sessions are crucial for understanding your areas of improvement and growth.

Q&A Sessions: Have your queries answered directly by experts. These sessions are great for clarifying doubts and gaining deeper insights into specific topics.

Drawing Jams: Join in on fun and collaborative drawing sessions. It's a unique way to learn, share, and get inspired by your peers and instructors.

Live Workshops: Engage in intensive workshops focusing on specific skills or projects. These are hands-on sessions where you can apply what you learn in real-time.

✎  Live Video Feed: Access a live video stream of the sessions, allowing you to tune into lessons as they happen.

Live Chat Interaction: Directly interact with instructors and classmates during live sessions for a more engaging and collaborative learning experience.

On-Demand Replays: If you miss a live session, you can catch up with on-demand replays available immediately after the session ends, ensuring you don't miss out on any learning opportunity.

Downloadable Recordings: Missed the live session and the replay? Download the session recordings from the HTDC Academy Vault at your convenience.

Integrated Platform Experience: The live learning experience is seamlessly integrated into the Academy platform, eliminating the need for third-party software or additional registrations.

The live learning experience in the HTDC Academy is accessible, flexible, and tailored to meet the needs of all learners, regardless of their schedule or learning style.

The Dashboard also provides information on upcoming Live Sessions. You can easily view the timetable for upcoming live classes, workshops, and Q&A sessions, and plan your learning schedule accordingly.

An Optimized Interface That Streamlines Your Learning

The How To Draw Comics (HTDC) Academy is designed with user accessibility and convenience at its core, aiming to streamline your learning experience. Here's how...


Centralized Platform: The HTDC Academy offers all its resources in one centralized online platform. This means you can access video lessons, courses, workshops, and live sessions all in one place, without the need to navigate through multiple websites or apps.

Intuitive User Interface: The Academy's website is designed with a clear, intuitive interface, making it straightforward for you to find what you're looking for. Whether it's browsing courses, accessing live sessions, or downloading resources from the Vault, the user experience is smooth and confusion-free.

Organized Content Structure: The content within the Academy is well-organized into distinct categories like video lessons, workshops, and reference materials. This organization makes it easy for you to find the learning content that's focused on the topics you want to learn about quickly and efficiently.

Seamless Access to Live Sessions: Live sessions, a vital component of the Academy, are easily accessible through the platform. You can join live classes, participate in Q&A sessions, and engage in interactive workshops without needing any third-party software.

On-Demand Learning: Recognizing the varied schedules of its members, the Academy offers on-demand replays of live sessions. This feature ensures that even those who miss the live broadcasts can catch up at their convenience.

Comprehensive Learning Resources: From the basics of drawing, to more advanced methods for character design and sequential storytelling, the Academy provides a comprehensive range of learning materials. This broad spectrum of resources means that you can find the right content that matches your skill level and interests.

Downloadable Materials: The HTDC Academy Vault offers downloadable resources, allowing you to access and revisit learning materials offline, which is particularly useful for practice and reference.

Interactive Community Features: The platform also encourages interaction among members through features like live chat during sessions, cultivating a community-driven learning environment. This makes the learning experience not only educational but also socially enriching.

Regular Updates and Additions: The Academy frequently updates and adds new content, ensuring that the learning materials remain current and relevant. This regular influx of new content keeps the learning experience fresh and engaging for all members.

No Additional Registrations Required: You can access all these features and resources directly through the HTDC Academy platform, without the need for additional registrations or software installations.


The HTDC Academy's thoughtful design and structure make it a highly accessible and user-friendly platform, enabling you to focus more on learning and less on navigating the logistics of accessing educational content!

Ongoing Learning That Nurtures Your Artistic Growth

The How To Draw Comics Academy stands as a unique and dynamic platform for both aspiring and experienced comic artists.


Its comprehensive range of resources, including extensive video lessons, in-depth courses, and interactive workshops, are continuously updated to keep pace with the evolving world of comic art.


The Academy's commitment to an ongoing learning experience is evident in its regular live sessions, community engagement, and the flexibility of its on-demand resources.


Whether through personalized feedback, community discussions, or the exploration of new techniques and styles, HTDC Academy fosters a nurturing environment where learning is an ever-evolving journey, not just a destination.

This platform is more than just an educational resource; it's a community and a support system tailored to the needs and aspirations of comic artists at all stages of their creative journey.


With its user-friendly interface, regular content updates, and a focus on personal growth and skill development, the HTDC Academy ensures that each member has the tools, support, and opportunities needed to continuously level-up and excel in the art of comic book illustration.


It's an ideal place for those who see comic art not just as a hobby or career but as a lifelong passion and pursuit.

What If You Already Own Some Of My Courses?

Explore the Added Advantages of The HTDC Academy Beyond Your Current Course Collection

The HTDC Academy Vault holds within it every course and lesson I've made to date. But even if you already own some of them, there's still a number of very good reasons why you should sign up.


Becoming a member of the How To Draw Comics Academy opens the door to a much more expansive and interactive learning experience, unlike anything you've seen before. The Academy goes beyond the basics, offering an extensive line-up of resources that complement and enhance your existing course materials.

As an Academy member, you’ll gain access to exclusive live sessions and workshops. These aren’t just additional learning opportunities; they are an interactive, educational experience where you can engage with instructors and peers in real-time.


You'll get immediate feedback on your work, participate in lively discussions, and join a community of artists in collaborative projects, making your learning process more dynamic and engaging.

Staying Relevant In The Fast-Evolving World of Comic Book Illustration Is Crucial!

The HTDC Academy stays on top of this by regularly updating its content and adding new, specialized topics taught by guest instructors. These exclusive classes provide fresh perspectives and techniques, keeping you abreast of the latest trends and industry standards.

The community aspect of the Academy is one of its most valuable assets. Engage with a network of fellow comic artists, share your work, receive constructive feedback, and draw inspiration from a supportive and creative environment. This community engagement can lead to new insights, collaborations, and a deeper appreciation of the art form.

With on-demand access to content and downloadable resources, you can tailor your learning experience to fit your schedule and pace. This flexibility is vital for integrating learning seamlessly into your daily life.

Joining The How To Draw Comics Academy enriches your comic art journey, taking it from a solo endeavor with individual courses to a comprehensive experience filled with growth, interaction, and community support.


It’s an investment in your artistic development that offers far more than just course materials... and that's what sets the HTDC Academy apart.

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